What's Your Excuse?


Intentions can be defined as the instructions that people give themselves to perform particular behaviors or to achieve certain goals. Intentions are the culmination of the decision-making process and the signal at the end of deliberation about a behavior. Intentions capture the standard of performance that a person has set themselves, their commitment to the performance and the amount of time and effort that will be expended during action. This is the definition according to Predicting and Changing Healthy Behavior Research and Practice with Cognitive Social models 3rd edition. 

After all, it is the theme for this month: having an intention is essential for a sweet life.

What are the instructions that you are telling yourself about your health? If you are not the weight that you want to be, or the pant size you want to be, or if you are taking medications that you don’t want to take, then you are telling yourself lies about your health! 

I will never lie to you! You are too important for me to lie to you. Your health is too important.  

If you say…

"All I have to do is exercise more, then I will lose weight." You are lying to yourself because if you really knew about the proper exercise and nutrition, you would do it, lose the weight and feel great!

If you say…

"I know that my blood sugars aren’t great but as long as I eat in moderation I will be fine." You are lying to yourself because even moderately high blood sugars increase your risk for heart disease, blindness, amputations, dialysis and more.

So get real for a minute and be honest ... what are you telling yourself about your health?

Most people lie to themselves because they don’t know what to do or what to ask to change their health. As a result, they live with pain, discomfort and underlying stress about their health. You don’t have to live like that – not anymore.

When you set an intention for health you are taking your first step. Next you have to be open to educating yourself about new ways to get healthy and stay that way. The most important step is to get accurate information and mentoring to get you to your intention.

Call the office to set up time for a free orientation session to teach you how to take control of your health, 202-681-0705.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Hitting the Bulls Eye!


As I was leaving a Christmas volunteering event that I look forward to every year, one of my patient stopped me to share this story with me.

Her HbA1c levels, which are levels that look at blood sugar reading for a three-month period of time had dropped since she started implementing my program for diabetes.  

Maybe you would call that a great CHRISTMAS GIFT but I wouldn’t.  I would call that following through on her INTENTION!

When she joined the practice about a year ago it was her intention to reduce her blood sugars, her cholesterol, improve her heart and overall health using natural methods NOT medications.

She held her intention and was open to coaching about her health and the results were in her lab work!  She got her numbers down!

NOW that is the power of her intention! That is the power of setting an intention for health, not a resolution but an intention.  She is a perfect example for the theme for the month, having an intention is essential for a sweet life.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Have you dropped off of your resolution already? Don’t be ashamed, read this…


This month’s theme is having an intention is essential for a sweet life. Intentions are much more powerful than resolutions. Let me show you how.

When I get excited about a goal I get a burst of energy start working feverishly on my project.  Initially, I am completely devoted.  If my project gets stalled or takes longer than I expect, normal life begins to creep back in and my excitement begins to wane.  I might even start to rethink my decision to take on the project in the first place.  This leads me to a decision point of whether I will continue or give up.  If it is  resolution most people give up!

Intentions will help keep you going.

Intentions are a combined with a strong desire to make it happen along with your goal. It is a life changing combination. It’s like the rush of falling in love (with yourself and your dreams)!

Continuing with my goal comes down to the strength of my desire to change my life. Are you hearing what I am saying? As you start to think about a goal for the new year, spend some time really understanding if you have a burning desire to make this change in your life.  Once you have that motivation deeply imbedded in yourself you are already a long way to achieving your goals.

Let me give you an example. 

One of the most common goals is to lose weight yet many don’t achieve this goal.  Success stories shown on the news the people who have achieved their health and weight goals happen because they have a desire beyond just weight.  They have desire to have more energy, to finish building that engine after work, or write that book or just have a wonderful night sleep without a CPAP machine.

Choosing a personally important goal - energy to play with your children, or to be able to sit in an airplane sit without feeling ashamed of your size is a motivating. 

Being motivated with your intention coupled with a specific plan is the transformation.  If you have motivation but need help with your intention and your plan then come talk to me.  My job as your doctor and your mentor is to step with you though the process to the finish line – OPTIMAL HEALTH!

Call to schedule an orientation session to join the practice or come to one of my dinner talks it will change your health, I mean your life forever.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

There Will Be No Resolutions in Dr. Dae’s Practice This Year!


Happy New Year!  I am kicking this year off with action. As you read this email, you will see that I am starting the year off with ways to help you achieve success in your health. I’m all about making change, not resolutions!

Change is simple!  It starts with having a clear intention and a plan.  It doesn’t start with resolutions.  It makes sense that, as the new year starts, you will want to begin making changes to improve your life.  Improving your life always starts with improving your health. Change begins happening when you are truly committed to achieving something.  Intention is talking your vision and setting action to it.  Hence this month’s theme: having an intention is essential for a sweet life.

I’m going to let you in on a SECRET.  I have been setting an intention for my life and my practice for the last 20 years now.  As you read this, I will just be returning from a 4-day retreat at which the focus is to go inward to clearly set intentions for the new year.  No electronics, just time to focus on our inner voice and the purpose for our life. We will be doing life visioning with my mentor, Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith.  It is an awesome experience because it gives me ideas to improve my practice offerings.

What are your intentions for your life coming into 2018? Take about 20 minutes and just write down what is important to you.  This is the beginning of your intention. You don’t have to share it with anyone.  It is probably better if you don’t, as it will give you more freedom to really put down your heart’s desire.  Now think about if you have the energy and health to achieve your goal.  If you don’t, then I see a wellness consult in your future. We can help you understand what you need to do to get to your goal.

Wishing you a sweet 2018!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Using community to help grow your dreams and vision


It is important to have dreams.  It is important to protect your dreams.  It is important to know who in your community you can trust with your dreams.  When you do know who to trust within your community, this will be the Foundation of a Sweet Life.

As the year come to a close it makes sense to start looking forward to new goals and dreams for the new year. Take stock of the past year - evaluate what you did well and what you need to change for the new year. 

One of my favorite activities in January is to make a vision board.  I love it because it is a creative process that you can share with friends.

It is a word and pictorial view of what you want to create in the upcoming year.  Look for pictures, words, or phrases that symbolize your goals and then glue them to a poster board. Pick symbols of positive attitudes or things that you want to manifest in your new year. 

Before creating a vision board think about your goals in several categories: personal, financial, career, travel, social, and family. Once you find what you want, paste them to a board.  Hang it somewhere where you can see it each morning as a reminder.

Anyone can create this wonderful process.  Share this experience with your community to make it a social experience.  Brings food or something to drink and settle in for a couple of hours cutting and pasting.  This process can take a few hours or a few days depending on how detailed and how big you want to make your vision board. 

It is a fun way to focus on what you want and you can do it with your community.

If creating a board is not your thing then make a book, or write down your goals on a chalkboard.  What is important is to be able to see it every day to remind you what you want to create. Try it and send me a post about your experience.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Embracing the Traditions of Your Community


All holidays have community traditions! If you can find ways to embrace your community traditions, then that becomes a foundation for your sweet holiday.

If you love your holiday traditions, you are probably already in love with the holiday season.  If you have turned away from your holiday traditions, it could be coloring the way you see the holiday.

Holiday traditions are habits that give us a sense of belonging and comfort. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Are you still doing them with our family? If not, why?

One of my favorite traditions has always been decorating the Christmas tree.  When I was a child, it was a big production in our house.  My dad would wake us up in the middle of the night and put us in the car all bundled up.  We slept as he drove us to the country to pick out and cut down a fresh tree.  We would arrive just as the sun was rising, ensuring we got the best tree on the farm.  When we were back home, he set up our tree in the basement near the fireplace.  We would decorate it and then admire it until New Year’s Eve.

In your community, are you continuing your traditions or have you started new ones that you enjoy as much or more?

I have definitely learned that family traditions are special memories that bring comfort and familiarity.  Traditions don’t have be as elaborate as my dad’s but they can still have meaning for you. So, bake some cookies, go caroling with friends, or light candles for advent or Hanukah.  Create Traditions with your community that mean something to you.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Using Community to Reduce Depression


Stress and depression levels rise during the holidays.  People that are involved with communities tend to reduce incidents of depression. The theme of the month is: creating Community is the Foundation of a Sweet Life.

During the holiday season, it is important to know and recognize the signs and symptoms of high stress levels so that you can ward off anxiety and depression. Stress and depression can make for a horrible holiday season. So take time to sit with yourself and be honest with your feelings. If you feel overwhelmed, acknowledge it. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one or relationship, give yourself permission to have sad or angry moments.

Don’t pretend to be happy if you are not. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends, family, social networks or churches for support. It is amazing how compassionate and understanding your community can be if you share your emotions and feelings of grief and loss. Others may be dealing with the same thing and may appreciate the opportunity to share their own feelings as well.

If you are feeling really down, you might need to reach out to a health care professional to evaluate you for a more serious problem and support.

Try to maintain your normal schedule as much as possible. Your body likes routines so getting enough sleep, eating properly, exercising and relaxing can help you to stay balanced and not stressed during the holidays.

Enjoy your communities but don’t overindulge or push yourself too hard during the holidays. It can throw yourself off balance, and allow stress and frustration can set in. This can set the stage for anxiety and depression.

When you eat too many sugary sweet foods it can reduce your resilience and you can get sick more easily. It can also make you feel guilty and ashamed when you partake in too many junk foods, desserts or alcoholic drinks. Use your community as your support not food and drink!

Community can be an incredible ally when you are feeling overwhelmed. They can help you stay productive and supported.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Community Makes or Breaks Your Holiday Season


December is the holiday season. It is the time of Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza,
New Year’s, and Winter Solstice. It seems like the theme for the month has to be
Community is the Foundation of a Sweet Life.

In the book "Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zone Way," by Dan Buettner, he
shows that one of the secrets to happiness is community. Community is not just
the place you live but it includes an environment of economic freedom, high
employment rates, tolerance of your citizens, the quality of your government in
your municipality, the amount of community spaces available for family activities
and exercise, access to the arts, and safety. These are all areas to be
considered as you move into and build a community because they influence your
happiness and your health.

On Saturday, I walked into a building to take a yoga class and at least 4 people
said hello to me before I got to the studio. It struck me that the people here were
open to building community. They were inclusive and friendly. The yoga studio is
located in Takoma Park and anyone who knows that part of DC will not be
surprised to hear that people there are good at building community.
It was actually a lovely experience to be welcomed into the yoga community by
so many people in the class. It inspired me to be a welcoming part of my
community this week.

Have you ever stopped to think about all the communities that you are involved
in? There are several: your family, your friends, your church, the alumni of your
elementary, secondary, high schools and colleges, your sorority and your
profession - just to name a few.

During your holiday season what are you doing to be a contributing member of
your community?

Are you signing up to help seniors or families in need? Are you helping your
neighbors put up holiday decorations? Are you preparing to host your family for
the holidays?

The holiday season is the perfect time to reach outside of your normal routine
and become a more involved member of your community.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Gratitude has a Positive Impact on our Physical Health


My last post for the theme of the month Gratitude for Your Sweet Life, focuses on the physical improvements that come from gratitude.

The American Psychological Association's Journal of Spirituality in Clinical Practice published a research study showing that gratitude can have a positive impact on heart disease.

Gratitude is defined as “an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has, as opposed to, for example, a consumer-driven emphasis on what one wants.” Gratitude involves noticing and appreciating the positive aspects of life. It is part of a positive outlook on life.

Gratitude is “also commonly seen as an aspect of spirituality,” said lead author Paul J. Mills, PhD, professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, San Diego.

Previous research has shown that people who considered themselves spiritual often had greater overall well-being, including physical health. Mills and his team looked at the role that spirituality and gratitude played for patients with asymptomatic heart failure.

These patients with asymptomatic heart failure had a structural change in their heart because of a previous heart attack that damaged the heart cells. It is considered asymptomatic because they don’t show any symptoms. The doctors chose candidates in the first three months after their heart attacks because that is the critical time for making sure that the heart doesn’t progress to heart failure with symptoms.

The researchers used standard psychological tests and gratitude journals for most days of the week, for eight weeks, along with their regular clinical care.

“We found that those patients who kept gratitude journals for those eight weeks showed reductions in circulating levels of several important inflammatory biomarkers, as well as an increase in heart rate variability while they wrote. Improved heart rate variability is considered a measure of reduced cardiac risk,” said Mills.

Incorporating gratitude into your weekly practice can help your heart emotionally and physically! Try it and let me know how it works for you.

If you are not sure how to start, you can go to my free online program 30 days of gratitude to improve your health and attitude.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Thanksgiving is a Time for Truly Giving Thanks


Thanksgiving is this week and if you are like most Americans you have Thanksgiving Day on the brain for one reason or another.  Perhaps you are thinking about cooking dinner. Perhaps you are thinking about eating dinner.  Perhaps you are thinking about the football games you will be watching or perhaps you are thinking about spending time with your family!

The entire month of November I have been thinking about what I am grateful and thankful for because I know that gratitude changes lives.  This is why the theme for this month is Gratitude for Your Sweet Life.  About 10 years ago I learned the greatest gift we have to offer is gratitude.  The more we can cultivate gratitude the more our hearts and minds change for the better.

Thanksgiving has become a time for reflection and open discussion about the blessings that are constantly being placed in our lives. Being in a state of gratitude helps reduce stress and can improve the quality of your health and your life.

Interestingly, I found two studies on gratitude that I want to share. The first study on college-aged adults was published in the Journal of Research in Personality in August of 2008. It found that “gratitude leads to higher levels of perceived social support, and lower levels of stress and depression."

The second research study related to older women published March 2006 in the Journal of Research on Aging found that older women that felt gratitude towards God created a buffer to stress in their lives.

Now when I think of Thanksgiving, being appreciative or grateful for every little thing I have is what comes to mind first. A wonderful healthy meal is not far behind and it is something I give thanks for every single time it happens!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

You can Have a Sweet Life - even with Diabetes!

Main image.png

A few years ago, I changed my tag line to Your One Sweet Life because I wanted to create a sweet life for myself and I wanted to teach you to do the same.  As I started to share my vision with others one of the concerns was that my new tag line would leave my diabetes patients feeling slighted.  They would feel upset that I was talking about the sweet life when they weren’t able to eat sweets.

But Diabetes is about so much more than just eating sweets.  Continuing with the theme of Gratitude for Your Sweet Life I want to talk about diabetes and gratitude.  How are they related?

People that have gratitude sleep longer and feel more refreshed which combats the insulin resistance created by lack of sleep. People with gratitude exercise more and take better care of their health.

Gratitude for Your Sweet Life can happen even if you are living with a diagnosis of diabetes. Diabetes is a disease of metabolism and hormonal imbalance.  Impaired insulin response or insulin resistance is a condition in which the body is able to produce insulin but the body doesn’t utilize it properly.

This month, November is dedicated to diabetes awareness. I focus my education on how to use lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management to change the course of your diabetes for the better.  Over the years I have mentored hundreds of people, helping reverse their diabetes and pre-diabetes back to normal.  It comes from using a systemic and holistic approach to diabetes instead of just using medications to mask the symptoms.

If you want to learn the truth about how to treat the real cause of diabetes then sign up for my upcoming seminar on Stress Hormones and Health. Call the office to sign up for the free dinner seminar this month, November 28th.  The seminar is free but you must call to reserve your spot, 202-681-0705.  If you cannot RSVP by email just talk to a member of the staff to confirm your seat and your dinner reservation.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Gratitude has a healing power for body and mind


When I was growing up my Grammy always told me to be grateful for what I had.
Since I always did what my Grammy told me to do (she was a nursery school
teacher!), I was grateful.

So since I was a child, I have always tried to be grateful for gifts people have
given me, grateful when I achieve my goals, grateful for the good in life.
As I have gotten older have learned that true gratitude is being grateful for all that
life has to offer. The good things AND the challenging things. This is the true
test of gratitude.

The theme for this month is Gratitude for Your Sweet Life. Gratitude is defined as
thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation. It is a feeling or attitude in
acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. 
At the end of November, we turn our attention to the holiday of thanksgiving and
we give thanks for all the food and family at the table. I challenge you to take the
entire month to give thanks for all the things that you have, including the
challenges that have shown up in your life.

No matter how challenging your life might seem there is still space for gratitude.
Do you have running water or food in your home? Then you are in better shape
than our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.

Can you breathe fresh air in your neighborhood? Then you are better off than
our friends in northern and southern California that are dealing with the after
effects of the uncontained fires.

Can you hug a family member because they live with you or near you? Then you
are better off than the 10-year- old child that is under threat of deportation
because she needed gall bladder surgery.

Spend a few minutes to fill your heart with gratitude for what you do have.
Having Gratitude for Your Sweet Life can change your attitude, physical health,
your immune system, your mental state, your optimism and your happiness.
Take a journey with me this month and learn how gratitude is essential for life.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Do you Need a Jump Start for Your Healthy Habits?

Have you ever wanted to create your healthy habits and routines but felt like you need a jumpstart to get you moving in the right direction?

This is why so many people are wildly searching for a detox.  They want something to make them think they are making progress toward their health goal.

A detox plan can mean different things to different people.  It can be accomplished in many different ways.  The common denominator of a detox plan should be to get rid of toxins in the body. 

Our Organs of Elimination

Our bodies handle detoxification processes every single day. Our organs of eliminations: liver, kidney skin and lungs that support detoxification by getting rid of waste products in our body.  Our organs of elimination have specific responsibilities to help get rid of these toxins. 

  • Our lungs help us to breathe out gases like CO2 which if found in to high a percentage in the body could cause harm and shut down our body. 

  • Our skin releases toxins through our pores to keep us healthy and vital.  Our skin also protects us from the pollutants from getting into our body easily. 

  • Our liver processes our toxins and render them harmless and excrete them from our bodies.  Along with our digestion eliminating bowel movements every day to have normal release processes. 

  • Our kidneys also excrete toxins by peeing every couple of hours.

  • I also include our mind as an organ of elimination because it has to get rid of the negative thoughts that we have about ourselves and our world.  If we do not get rid of negative thoughts we can’t create optimal health or possibilities.

Each day our bodies handle toxins or pollutants that enter our body through our mouths, noses, or skin.  It is a normal part of living.  Some toxins we don’t have control over air pollution, chemical pollution, etc…  they are found in our environment and our bodies have to process them.  Some toxins we do have control over like foods additives, preservatives, alcohol and nicotine and we have to process those too.

If we have these organs and they are doing all this work why do we need extra detoxification plans or treatments?

In this fast-paced society where we are eating junk-food and fast-foods, we don’t get enough sleep we experience stress financially, emotionally, mentally and physically, we don’t get enough fresh air or exercise our bodies get overburdened with toxins.  It created bad habits instead of healthy habits.  

So having a jump start program to help you create healthy habits that you can maintain with ease for the rest of your life.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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Stress Hormones and Health
September 6, 2017
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Your Thoughts of Lack can be Limiting Your Health

Did you know that you have habits and routines of thought?  These patterns of thought are often so ingrained and unconscious that we are not aware that they are shaping how we view the world.  

For this post -- creating healthy habits and routines -- I want to talk about how our thoughts of lack and limitation color our decision making process about making healthy choices.

Anyone who has known me since was a child or has seen pictures of me when I was young know that I was always involved in sports usually on teams.  It was one of the primary ways that I developed confidence in my abilities.  

BUT what most people don’t know is that I almost gave up on sports when I was in the third grade.  In gym class in elementary school, I had a nemesis --it was this long prickly rope that hung down from the ceiling of the gym.  My assignment was to climb the rope to get to the top and I didn’t believe that I could do it.  

I tried and tried and I couldn’t do it.  It was one of my first defeats in the world of sports that I was so naturally good at.  This was devastating for me.  So the more I tried and was unsuccessful the more I would say to myself, “I can’t do this.  It would be better to give up.”

My physical education teacher, Mr. Jenkins, heard me telling him I can’t every time I approached the rope and one day stopped me in my tracks.  

He said “you, Daemon are no longer allowed to say I can’t.  The only thing I want to hear out of your mouth is I can every time you approach and work on the ropes. If I hear you say anything else will make you do push-ups.”

I was shocked and angry at him for putting me on the spot.  However I hated push-ups so I started saying I can every time I had to attempt the rope.  

I started approaching the rope saying I can climb this rope. I CAN!  After a week of several more tries I was able to climb up the rope.

What changed that created success out of previous failure?

I didn’t grow new muscles in a week.  My determination to keep trying is what changed.  Having the rest of my peers watching to see how I would do and cheering me on changed. Having the teacher giving more tips on how to succeed changed.  

Most important my thoughts and habits of thinking I CAN’T to I CAN, changed.

In retrospect, this was one of the most important lessons I learned about creating healthy habits.  I learned that even though it might seem hard, with the right support (coaching), positive repetitive thoughts, and determination, new habits become easy over time.

Healthy habits can seem hard, they are if you are trying to do them by yourself.  If you want to learn how to change your health, then come to my next free talk to learn about my approach to helping my patient achieve the health they want because we provide, expert care, coaching, and support --physically and mentally --to help you make that change.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Upcoming Talks:
Stress Hormones and Health
August 29, 2017
6:30 – 8:00pm

Center for Mindful Living
4708 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 200
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September 6, 2017
6:30 – 8:00pm

Center for Mindful Living
4708 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 200
Washington DC 20016

Creating Healthy Habits Can Improve Every Area of Your Life

Creating healthy habits and routines sounds wonderful but it requires commitment and vision to see what is possible beyond what is happening right now. We have to see, feel and imagine with all of our senses the goal of where we are going!

Many people want to have healthy goals but they don’t where or how to start.  The place to start is at the end!  Starting with the end goal in mind helps you create healthy habits that become easy routines for you.  There is where having an expert work with you makes all the difference between wanting to have healthy habits and being able to implement them!

Trust me I know from personal experience.

I was a naturopathic patient before I decided to go to naturopathic medical school to become a doctor.  I have been through all the dietary changes, exercise programs, and meditation practices that I ask you to do.  While they didn’t come easy for me at first, I stuck with them and had a great doctor stepping me through the process until they became easy for me.

In fact, I am still working on making healthy habits and routines but this time it is for my patients.  If I’m honest, my business systems need to be upgraded so I can get a team to work with me and we can provide better quicker service to you.

So last month I started a new coaching program to help me.  Now I have someone telling me what to do like I tell you what to do for your health. I was excited about joining the program and looked forward to all the benefits I would receive from learning these new systems.

One of the conditions of the coaching is to dedicate time each week to learning and implementing the new education and practices.  “No problem,” I thought because I am so ready for this change.  

By the end of week 2, I was an emotional mess! Integrating these new systems was more time consuming than I originally anticipated and I was exhausted with the added workload.  I was feeling like maybe I was not ready for this big step of getting a healthy and strong business.

So, you know what I did?  I called the coaches told them how I was feeling and you know what?  I was not the first person to make that call.  They reminded me of my goals and they reminded me of my progress.  Most importantly, they reminded that healthy habits take time before they become second nature and I could handle this process by just taking one-step at a time.

This is why I include group classes and education in my practice offerings.  As we get healthy, sometimes it can feel overwhelming and that we have to figure it out alone.  In my practice, you are not alone, me and my health coaches are here with you to help you find your footing for creating your healthy habits and routines.  It can make all the difference.  

If you are ready to take your step to create more energy, health and wellness in your life, come to our next class.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Upcoming Talks:
Stress Hormones and Health
August 22, 2017
6:30 – 8:00pm

Center for Mindful Living
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August 29, 2017
6:30 – 8:00pm

Center for Mindful Living
4708 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 200
Washington DC 20016

Getting Back to Sleep for the Fall

One of the most important habits to create a healthy life is the habit of restful sleep.  When you and your family begin the day with a restful night’s sleep, you awake alert and ready for the greatness the day has in store for you.  Today I will continue with my theme of creating healthy habits and routines by talking about the habits of restful and restorative sleep for your entire family.

Have you ever suffered from a night of not getting enough sleep?  Perhaps this is a chronic problem for you.  According to the National Sleep Foundation over 40% of Americans report having sleep difficulties more than one night per week.

Insufficient sleep can cause:

  • A weakened immune system

  • More susceptibility to colds and flus

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Insulin resistance

  • Irritability

  • Memory loss or changes in cognition

  • Emotional highs and lows

So it is the perfect time to talk about creating healthy habits and routines because families are starting to think sending their children back to school.  

Many parents are in the frenzied state of buying things to prepare for back to school. Looking at checklist for school supplies or clothes.  

Have you stopped to think about getting your children prepared for habits that will create success for integrating back to school routines?  Sleep should be at the top of the list.

Has this ever happened to you?  

Your alarm goes off and it jolts you out of sleep.  Disoriented, your fumble around the night stand to hit the snooze button for relief, only to have the noise start again a few minutes later.  After 2 or 3 cycles of this you finally crack your eyes open to see that it is later than you thought is was, so you jump or stagger out of bed to make up for lost time?

This is a terrible way to start the day: late, stressed, and behind.  It sets in motion a cascade of emotional, mental, and hormonal events in your body that deplete your body of joy and nutrients.

This can cause your day to start off rushed, late and frustrated.   This could all be avoided by having better sleep habits and routines.

Sleep is important for children too!

Sleep habits are important for children as well as adults.  If children don’t get enough sleep they don’t want to get out of the bed in the morning and this can be a disaster for a morning routine or schedule, especially if you have a tight time schedule for the bus or school opening.

During the summer, many children’s sleep schedules are different than their school sleep schedule.  So about 2 weeks before school starts it is important to start getting your kids back into their school sleep schedule.

Kids need more sleep than adults so makes sure your kids and adolescents are getting 8 hours or more every night.

So begin to move their bedtimes back to the normal schedule so they can get used to going to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day.

Back to the adults:

Once you get the kiddos in bed, your next assignment is to go to your room and get sleep too!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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If you Brush Your Teeth Every Day You can have Optimal Health!

As we move to the end of summer, it is the perfect time to thinks about implementing new routines.  So the perfect theme for this month is creating healthy habits and routines.

A habit or routine is described as a behavioral pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance.

As we come back from our vacations and begin to settle back into our normal routines for the fall, it is the perfect time to start habits are part of our new routines. Whether you are a parent of children in grades K- 12 or a college student are getting ready or a federal government is moving back to full steam, so is the perfect time to start new routines.

So many of us think “healthy habits are hard to start or maintain, so why even bother?”  

Here is the truth: We have a set of routines that we do every single day.  Whether we eat breakfast in the morning or skip meals is a routine. Going to exercise class 3 times a week or sitting on the couch and watching TV is a routine.  How we manage or do not manage our stress is a routine.  We have dozens of routines or habits that we do every single day.

I have a question for you – do you brush your teeth every morning?  If you answered yes, then you know how to create a healthy habit and maintain it for years and years and years.

You have the choice to change your routines and habits and change the path of your health today.  All you need to do is to be willing to learn and implement new habits.  What are the habits that have the biggest impact on health?

Lifestyle habits:
Research shows that 70% of chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer can be eliminated by lifestyle changes.

  • Eating habits

  • Sleeping habits

  • Stress Management

  • Movement habits

Make the most significant changes to improve your health.  Understanding the right lifestyle habits for your specific condition(s) makes all the difference for your successful habit building.  

If you are curious about how you can start new routines that create healthy habits for your health, come to my Stress, Hormones and Health Seminar on Tuesday, August 8th.

This class is being sponsored at the Center for Mindful Living in Tenleytown Washington DC.

This is a FREE class but spaces are limited so you must call to reserve your spot.  There will be no on-site registration.  Call the office to reserve your spot: 202-681-0705.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Upcoming Talks:
Stress Hormones and Health
August 8, 2017
6:30 – 8:00pm

Center for Mindful Living
4708 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 200
Washington DC 20016


Stress Hormones and Health
August 15, 2017
6:30 – 8:00pm

Center for Mindful Living
4708 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 200
Washington DC 20016

Alzheimer’s disease a robber of independence

alzheimers disease

All month I have been focusing on how to improve your health so you can have the independence and freedom to live your dreams.  I have also been writing about inflammation and how it causes disease in the body.

I want to talk about why it is important to deal with inflammation now to help prevent future diseases.  In the last few years, research has discovered that chronic inflammation in the brain is the cause of Alzheimer’s disease, which is a specific form of dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease not only takes away independence it takes away the memory of your loved ones and family. This is difficult for the person with Alzheimer’s but it is often devastating for his or her spouse and children.

Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia, one of the most common forms of dementia.  In dementia your brain is unable to collect and remember your recent past.

Sometimes it can be hard to realize if an older person has dementia because their long-term memory can be intact and they can tell you stories from their youth in vivid detail.  But if you ask them questions about this morning or last week they will just have a confused look and have no idea what you are talking about.

People with Alzheimer’s have these same symptoms but they also have physical decline accompanying their mental decline making it hard to handle daily tasks without help.  Sometimes they can cause harm to themselves or others because of the mental decline, for instance forgetting to eat if someone is not there to monitor them so that they become malnourished over time.

Last month I attended a few programs about Alzheimer’s and I heard stories from spouses and adult children of people living with the disease.  It was heart-breaking to listen to stories of family members losing their relationships with people that are still alive.  Someone with Alzheimer’s can simply become unrecognizable.

Alzheimer’s disease currently doesn’t have a cure but researchers now know that the disease can start 20-30 years before the symptoms show themselves.  The lifestyle choices that we make can delay the onset of the disease.  Our lifestyle choices like our nutrition, exercise, sleep, how we manage stress, and stimulate our brain’s cognitive activity can delay the onset.

Yet again the healthy habits I teach you to incorporate into your lives can really make a difference in your health now and into the future.  So come and learn how to transform and improve the quality of life both for yourself and your family in my 8-week workshop.

**If you are currently a member of my practice you already have a reserved seat for this class.  Tuition is included in your package.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae




Getting out of the vicious cycle


This month’s theme is that gaining your health is gaining your independence and freedom. 

Today I want to talk about losing weight and diabetes because they are closely linked. (Many - but not all - people that are diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes are also overweight).
Almost every person that comes into my practice has a goal to lose weight.  Sometimes it is that last 10 pounds that just won’t come off and sometimes it is much more.

Many people liken trying to lose weight to feeling like a hamster running on a wheel in a cage – never getting anywhere.  This is not independence or freedom - it is the exact opposite!  It is literally being weighed down.

The conversation usually goes something like this….

I have started working out and I am doing it faithfully and the needle on the scale just won't budge.

Or it might sound something like this….

I am doing all the things that I usually do to lose weight but nothing is happening.  I am getting frustrated and so I finally just gave up.

Does this sound familiar to you or have you heard it from a loved one during one of your conversations?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  If you are trying to lose weight or manage your blood sugars and it is not working it is because chronic inflammation is getting in your way.  You can refer back to last weeks post to learn more about chronic inflammation.

You have to address the internal issues and get the cells to be healthy and then the weight literally melts away.

Chronic low-grade inflammation in the body’s tissues is a cause of insulin resistance, weight gain, pre-diabetes and diabetes.  Inflammation activates a chemical response that suppresses an insulin signaling pathway.  In other words, the body becomes less responsive to insulin i.e. insulin resistant.

Being overweight can also cause inflammation.  As you gain weight your fat cells expand and this expansion can cause the cells to not get enough oxygen.  Lack of oxygen causes cells to die.  The immune system’s job is to clean up dead cells and cell debris. Over time this can cause chronic low-grade inflammation.

So this is the vicious cycle: inflammation causing insulin resistance and insulin resistance causing inflammation. What you experience is weight gain and the frustration of not being able to lose it.

So what can you do to change that?

You have to change your mind-set and stop focusing on trying to lose weight. Instead, you need to focus on trying live a healthy and fun life!  When you start focusing on living a healthy life and you incorporate healthy behaviors then you feel healthier and more energetic, you will reduce inflammation and you will lose weight.

If you are ready take a class that will change your life, sign up for my class this fall.


Here is a testimonial from the class:

I took Dr. Dae’s class over a year ago.  I was very much impressed with her knowledge, her presentation and the practical advice she gave regarding diet, particularly in regard to reducing the intake of meat and the increasing vegetables as the main part of the daily diet.  I invested in her book and her online course, and I must say it was a worthwhile investment.

Taking the course had an immediate impact on my physical well-being.  Indeed, the primary impetus for my taking her class was the gastro-intestinal problem I was experiencing.  My intuition told me that my diet could have something to do with the problem, so when Dr. Dae’s class was announced at Church, I was determined to attend to see if there were any dietary changes I could make that would bring me some relief.

 During Dr. Dae’s presentation, she talked about how a daily glass of lemon water might help to relieve gastric issues.  It seemed likes simple and practical solution that might help my situation.  On the way home, after her class I stopped at the supermarket and purchased some lemons.  The next morning I drank a large tumbler of water into which added the juice of half a lemon.  The impact was immediate; the gastric discomfort subsided.  From that time to today, a glass of lemon water is a part of my daily morning routine.

As I mentioned above I have incorporated other suggestions from Dr. Dae’s course, and I do see the physical results which include lowered cholesterol, weight loss, and more energy, and, of course, virtual elimination of the gastric discomfort I had been experiencing.

Dr. Dae knows her subject matter, and I recommend her course highly to anyone who is interested in changing to a plant-based diet.

Floyd A. Lewis, Jr.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae


The insidious thing that steals your Independence

As I mentioned last week, health is independence!  Health gives us the freedom to make ALL of our dreams come true.  When we have health we have the ability to run that marathon, or snorkel in the ocean.  We can spend all those hours building our business.  We have the stamina to chase our children in the yard.

Whatever is important to you, health is the cornerstone of being able to do it. 

Many - scratch that - most of us, take our health for granted until we wake up with aches and pains or not feeling well.  Or worse, we feel just fine until we go to the doctor and find out we are sick.  Some lab test reveals that something is not working right and we are told we have a disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, pre-diabetes or cancer, just to name a few.

Do you know what all of these chronic diseases have in common?

Their starting point is chronic inflammation.  Chronic inflammation turns normal healthy cells into sick and diseased cells.  For example, inflammation can cause blood vessels to weaken, allowing cholesterol to lodge in them and create plaque, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Chronic inflammation can cause cells to be impaired and not be able to do their jobs appropriately.  In the case of diabetes, prediabetes, or PCOS, inflammation causes insulin resistance and high blood sugars.

During the inflammatory process our body sends out chemical signals that perpetuate the inflammation in our bodies.

Are you starting to get the picture?

The most insidious thing about inflammation is that it occurs and we can’t feel it happening.  This process can continue unnoticed for weeks, month and years. 

So we seem fine until “all of a sudden” we are sick.

In truth, there many ways that we can start to identify if inflammation is happening in our bodies.

If you have any of the diseases mentioned above you have inflammation. 

There are simple blood tests that I always include in my lab workups with patients that evaluate our levels of inflammation.

Constant stress releases chemicals that cause inflammation.

Poor sleep causes inflammation.

The Standard American diet (SAD Diet) of fried foods, processed sugars, sodas, and junk food promote inflammation as well.

 Is there any way to escape this robber of health and independence – Inflammation?

YEP! Healthy lifestyles and habits! All the things I share with you every week.

  • Eating delicious fruits and veggies as part of every meal
  • Exercising and detoxifying your body and  mind
  • Getting good restorative sleep
  • Managing your stress and stressful situations

The side effect of reducing inflammation is increased energy and vitality – by the way!

If you want to reduce inflammation in your body be on the look out for my webinars and LIVE classes that I will be teaching in the fall. They are designed to teach you healthy habits in a fun way that you can share with your friends and family so you can all be healthy together!

If you want me to send you information about them click here to be contacted about the class.

If you just can’t wait then join one of my free online courses to get you started.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae