Tomato Basil Chickpea Salad

Many of my recipes are created because of the foods that are available in my kitchen when I am cooking.  During the month of August my small 3x8 foot garden yields tomatoes and basil along with a few other vegetables and spices.   Tomatoes and basil have such a fresh and lovely taste so I decided to create a nice dish by adding a few chickpeas to give some protein and added fiber.  This fiber packed salad can be used in several different ways. I enjoy having this as a side to my main dish.  To make it a vegetarian entrée I serve it over mixed greens (which I might also get from my garden).  Leftovers can be served in pita pockets as a lunch time treat.  When I do have it as a sandwich I drain any extra salad dressing before add the salad to pita. Sometimes very simple ingredients can make a great twist in your meal options.  Consider adding something like this to your late summer fall dishes.

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