Autoimmune Disorder: The Immune System's Dysfunction

Have you ever taken time to consider how lucky you are to have a properly functioning immune system? When it works we probably don’t even think about it.

For people who have disorders of the immune system it can be frustrating and stressful. The process of evaluating non-specific symptoms combined with intermittent, vague discomforts can sometimes last for years. For some, there is no specific diagnosis.

Every day that you are healthy is another day your immune system has successfully completed its job.

The job of our immune system is to protect us from disease and infection. When it is functioning correctly it helps our healthy cells by conducting surveillance for harmful organisms and destructive cells in our body.

A healthy immune system is able to tell the difference between the healthy cells of the body and cells that cause harm to the body, usually viruses, bacteria or cancer cells.

When the immune system is not operating correctly, it can create havoc in the body that is far worse than any acute infection.

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Photo courtesy of Hemera/Thinkstock