Asian Cabbage Crunch

Whole Foods Fridays - Asian Cabbage Crunch

I created Whole Food Friday posts to show you that healthy food can be delicious!  Each post will give you a recipe or a recipe idea and the health conditions it will help treat!  My goal is to help you making healthy living and eating easy!  Enjoy Dr. Dae!



This Asian Cabbage Crunch is a wonderfully light meal for a hot summer day. Red cabbage and savoy cabbage both had anti-cancer properties because they are members cruciferous vegetable family. This family of vegetable has a high level of minerals and vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid and fiber.  All of these are important for wound healing and cell repair.  The fiber found in cabbage is essential for heart health and blood sugar stabilization.  Cabbage in particular are especially important for supporting the digestive system and digestive disorders.

Since these are recipes found in Rebecca Katz new book The Longevity Kitchen I can't give the recipes here but the book is worth the money.  You will be able to make several of the dishes to your taste buds delight.  To find out more information about @RebeccaKatzYum or to purchase The Longevity Kitchen go to


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