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You’re invited to a Sleep Summit especially for Women March 2-March 8

Imagine getting enough sleep to start feeling healthy in your body AND your spirit.

Well, Bold Tranquility has created a Women’s Sleep Summit to help you step into your Well-Rested Woman. It start Monday, March 2nd and continues daily until Sunday, March 8th.

I’m excited to be a speaker. The  is a mix of sleep doctors and holistic support to get you feeling ALIVE on a daily basis.

This online Sleep Summit will help you get the sleep you need, but more importantly, it helps you bust through any mental blocks holding you back from getting the sleep you desire and create a new sleep story.

This Sleep Summit is unlike anything out there. You are bound to start getting better sleep in your body and more energy to start feeling alive.

This is an on-line sleep study with new speakers every day - I, Dr. Dae, will be featured on Day 3 - Wednesday, March 4 at 1pm and 8pm.

Please sign up and join me!  Here is the link again Sleep Summit