Are you Ready for More Energy in just 7 days??

It is change of season and the perfect time to detox!  September 23 represents the Autumnal equinox, In plain English, the beginning of fall. 

I thought it would be the perfect time to do my annual cleanse with a twist.  I will be using all recipes from my new book that is coming out this fall,

EAT MORE PLANTS: Foods Proven to Successfully Treat Aging, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity

During this seven day challenge I will invite you to eat more plants in your daily diet!  I will ask you to pledge how many meals you are willing to include plant-based foods.  For those of you really ready for a cleanse I invited you to eat a totally vegetarian diet for 7 days.

I will supply you with a 7 day meal plan before you start and give you a sneak peek of recipes from my book to keep you motivated with healthy delicious and quick meals!  I will feature a smoothie recipe and a fresh juice recipe everyday on email to give you ideas to make it fun too.

Do you want to know the best part?

It's totally FREE!  And as a bonus for signing up you can get a FREE copy of my book when it is released in October you just pay for shipping and handling!

So join me in my EAT MORE PLANTS 7 Day Challenge and receive

  • 7 day meal plan for the challenge including recipes from Dr. Dae's latest book
  • Daily encouraging emails during the challenge
  • Improve your energy in 7 days
  • Meet other like-minded individual who are part of the health community
  • Ability to share your successes or obstacles with others in the group
  • FREE copy of Dr. Dae's second book EAT MORE PLANTS during it's October release

All for FREE!  You can't find a better way to usher in the fall!