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Start the journey to health by making your first appointment.  Dr. Dae has a comprehensive intake process to identify and begin to relieve your symptoms.  Your first visit is one hour and you will leave with a better understanding of your health situation and the next steps of your plan. 

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Virtual Appointment -- Actual Results

Over the years my patients have had so much success that they have asked me to help family members that live out of the area. 

Out of these requests came my innovative new approach -- Virtual Appointments. 

Virtual Appointments can be conducted over the phone, over Skype or over Facetime. 

Save Time

Virtual appointments save YOU time. 

Instead of wasting all afternoon, driving to an appointment and waiting in the waiting room, you are able to start and finish your appointments on time wherever you are. 

Keep for Handy Reference & A Record

Virtual appointments can be recorded. 

No more worrying about taking notes or forgetting great advice during our discussion our appointments can be recorded and sent to you so you can listen to them whenever you want.

Help for You No Matter Where You Are

Virtual appointments allow me to support you wherever you are. 

You or your family members don’t have to live in the DC metropolitan area to work with me. 

If you have a phone and internet access you have all the technology you need to connect and have an 1 hour appointment.  You can send me or give me access to any labs or online labs before our visit.  It is simple to schedule an online appointment

My patients love virtual appointment so much that I have been converting my entire practice to virtual appointments. 

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Still need convincing?  I know you want to have a satisfying and healthy life, and I’ll always be here to help you achieve your health goals. 

Together we will make sure that you improve your health one practical solution at a time!

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