One of my Favorite Sweet Treat Spots in DC

One night a few weeks ago, I was dropping one of my girlfriends off after a dinner party when we approached one of my favorite “frozen” treat shops – Pitango Gelato!  I happened to see a coveted parking space in front of the store.  I saw it as a sign from the universe for me to share this treat with my friend.  I asked if she was up for a heavenly dessert made with high quality ingredients. She was all for it!   I know she, like me, appreciates dairy-free options and all the sorbets are dairy-free which is a bonus to the luscious flavors like hazelnut, mojito and spicy chocolate sorbet.   One of my favorite things about the shop is the customer service they provide as well.  The sorbet scoopers encourage you to try any and every flavor to pick your favorites.  We both got the quince, a pear-shaped fruit that tastes like a cross between an apple and a pear.  She loved the sorbet so much she even called to tell me how great it was the next day.
I have to be honest: Pitango gelatos and desserts are my favorite creamy, lovely, decadent treat!  The first time I ever tasted it was in Baltimore with one of my friends, Dr. Lisa Gengo, who was visiting from her practice in Connecticut.  We tried every flavor in the store and I picked chocolate and mojito and it was a wonderful culinary experience.  What is even better is that Pitango is committed to using organic and local, high quality ingredients.  I often recommend to patients to stop using dairy products to help improve certain conditions.  The dairy-free sorbets are a wonderful treat for them.  I also avoid dairy as much as possible so that is one of the first reasons I wanted to try their products.  I thought the gelato and sorbets were so good I called all my foodie friends and wanted to plan a trip back to Baltimore to get more of their frozen treats.  To my delight my friends told me there were stores in Washington DC and Virginia.  In the last 2 years I have brought all of my friends and co-workers to this wonderful shop and they all love it too.
When I want a sweet treat I go to Pitango because if I’m going to have a something sweet it has to have high quality ingredients.
Live Vibrantly,
Dr. Dae