Leftovers put on Weight - Tips for the Holiday Eating

Holiday Meal Picture
Holiday Meal Picture

We are moving into the holiday season and social invitations, parties and gatherings around food increase. Many people are worried about how they will get through the holidays without gaining weight or feeling ashamed about not keeping their health regiment. To help people through this season I wrote an article on Eating Healthfully During the Holidays. Here is one of the tips.

Leftovers put on Weight

When you eat lots of calories day after day your weight creeps up with each meal. Enjoy your high caloric meal as a special treat the day of the party or dinner. After your special event, go back to 5- 6 small meals per day. If you keep eating the high caloric meals as leftovers and then go to functions with new high caloric choices you are setting yourself up to fail at eating healthfully.

Eating Food Allergies put on Weight

Some people are aware of their food allergies and ignore them during the holiday season. Other people might not be aware of specific food allergies but are aware that certain foods upset your stomach or give you gas or cause pain and stiffness in your joints.  Some of those foods are probably part of your holiday parties or holiday meals.  If you eat them for holiday and then again for leftovers a few days later you are bound to gain weight.

Lack of Exercise put on Weight

During the holiday season people tend to change their normal holiday routine.  When you stop your normal exercise pattern you and you start eating more calories than usual the combination is weight gain.