Lunch Leftovers - How to Create New Meals

Salad Lunch Leftovers Some of my favorite dishes have come about because I threw together a little bit of whatever I found in the kitchen. I want to invite you to start thinking about your leftovers as a healthy nutritious meal too. In this salad I have avocado, tomatoes, a granny smith apple and turkey. I whipped up a lemon vinaigrette (olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper, and maple syrup) and poured it over top of my salad. I call it leftover lunch because the tomatoes and mixed salad was from new year eve dinner. The apple were sitting on the counter from Christmas Day's apple crisp (Daelicious page 89), the avocado was from sale at the local grocery which was starting to get too ripe. The turkey meat was from the dinner I prepared my Grammy's new years day (use no nitrate deli meat). The salad took 5 minutes to prepared and it was simply delicious. You can do this too. Let me know about your yummy lunch leftovers too!

Some nutritional information about lunch: Many deli or cured meats have nitrates as a preservatives. Nitrates can be converted into nitrates which form nitrosamines, a powerful cancer-causing chemical. Whenever possible buy nitrate free deli meat. Avocado is a great source of monounsaturated fat which has been shown to increase HDL Cholesterol, known as good fat. Avocado helps to absorb lycopene which are found in tomatoes.

There are 6 grams of protein, 8 grams of dietary fiber, 12 grams of fat (healthy fat from the avocado).