Areas to Set Goals in 2011

Several years ago 2 friends and I started a weekly support group called a Mastermind Group.  Renaissance Unity has created a one year journal that has activities for the year, each month, week and day.  The journal also has exercises on how to set goals for the year.  The categories they suggest are: Career, Financial, Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Family, Personal Relationships, Things You Want to Do, Things you want to Have, Things You Want to Be, Feelings you want to increase. For years I have set goals but until I found this book I never set goals in all different categories of my life.  I have been setting goals in all these categories for the last 3-4 years and it is a wonderful experience.  The mastermind journal allows me to really think about what are all the goals that I want to accomplish.  For example under "Physical" the book recommends physical activities of the body but also your personal physical appearance as well.   I would not have thought looking at physical goals would include new clothes to purchase as well as going to yoga classes.  Under "Mental" they ask me to consider learning new skills, tapping into my creative talents or getting rid of erroneous mental attitudes. There are 11 categories in all and I set at least 3 goals in each category.  Some of my goals were lofty and some were every day behavioral modifications.  It gives me so many things to think about and opportunities to create in my life.  It is not too late to set goals for 2011.  So if you have not sat down to write out your goals consider looking at all the different categories of your life and seeing what you come up with?

The mastermind journal also recommends that in 6 months you review your goals to see how many you have already accomplished.  It's a great way to keep you focused and on track for 2011.  Enjoy your goals!