It takes a Village to See a Dream Realized

This week I have been preparing for a cooking demonstration with NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo.  I have been asked to be one of the presenters for the last 4 years.  This year I was asked to present on both Saturday and Sunday.  This is great news for me because I love presenting at venues where there are hundreds of people to cook and talk about food with.  It is great to have group participation and feedback on what issues or questions people have about their health. For the first couple of moments I am up on stage it feels like a piece of my dream is being realized then I get all involved in whatever I am teaching I'm connected with the audience and the food.  I would love to be the host of a TV show about healthy living and healthy eating.  When I am up on stage cooking or talking about health I feel like I am hosting my cooking or health show.  This is definitely one of my dreams.

I also realize that when I am doing a demo for so many people I have to recruit the help of others in order to make it a successful educational event.  I have been working with and recruiting friends and family to help get me there and to handle all of the little details to make this work.  I am happy and grateful to report that I have wonderful people in my life that stepped up to help me get everything done. So I have spent the last several days rushing around to get it all done.  I have gotten help with all the prep work too.  The help comes from ideas about how to present something or physical labor.  It comes from phone calls after the event to help prepare for the next one.  It comes from the enthusiasm of my friends smiling and cheering me on at the event.  Or the emails or calls from friends that remind me of how far I have come from when I started.

As I have a few minutes of quite to reflect on the last couple of days I realize it takes a village or a community to get a dream realized.  Without the kindness and support of my friends, patients, family and complete strangers each step that I take towards my couldn't really happen.  Having the dream is important and sets everything in motion but being open to receive support from any where that it shows up is equally if not more important.  It moves the dream forward and help the dream take on more momentum than I could create on my own and that is a blessing. As I continue to move forward with my dreams I am grateful for all the members of my village that have supported me and will continue to support me as I continue to pursue and realize my dreams.