Today Happiness is loving the life I live!

Today happiness is loving the life I live!  Today is a weekday and this is how my dayunfolded.  I started with a morning yoga class and then went to pick up an unexpected gift for a project I had helped with the week before. Of course it was a blessing to get a lovely gift but I also love the people that I was getting the gift from.  While I was at my friends office we discussed an idea for a recipe that I was thinking of making for a potluck I was invited to tomorrow night.  Once I had decided on the ingredients I was off to local market to pick up my goodies.  I finished my morning with noontime meditation at my church.  So far a lovely day.  After lunch more of the same loveliness talking to friends and writing a blog before my evening deadline. It was a simple yet beautiful day filled with appreciation for having time to enjoy a wonderful summer day at a slow pace. In the past while I love summer it is a time when my practice slows down and I use to be consumed with worry about money and how to pay my bills or what was my next project.  While I have not figured all that out the anxiety of it all was giving me worry lines and stressing me out.  I learned to just savor the good things the small things and believe that things will work out and they usually do.  So I am loving the life I live right now because I know the past and opportunities will pick up and I won't be able to enjoy this loving pace forever.