Small Group Work Can Help You Heal Your Body

This week I am preparing for advanced training in mind-body medicine by putting together discussion plans for leading small groups sessions. During the conference I will have the opportunity to lead a small group on one of several topics including: meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, autogenics, breathing exercises, body scans, and many others. Mind-body techniques that are taught during the Center for Mind-Body Medicine Advanced Training Program are based on our ability to use the power of our minds to create healthy changes in our bodies, and the power of our bodies to create healthy changes in our minds.

As we are dealing with illness, utilizing these techniques can help bring healing to our mind and body by allowing our body to move back to its normal and healthy steady state. Mind body skills decrease peoples' stress levels, relieves or eliminates debilitating symptoms, enhances mood and energy, and promotes more hopeful, meaningful and joyful lives. As we move into a more relaxed state we stop producing stress hormones that cause high blood pressure increased heart rate, anxiety, and anxiousness. We are able to be in a more restful and restorative state so our body can repair and heal itself. Using these techniques over days, months and years can help reduce and reverse chronic illnesses in our minds and bodies.

Using these techniques in a one-on-one session with a patient can be extremely effective and during this conference we will be taught how to use these techniques in a small group setting. The small group setting is another powerful tool which can further amplify the mind-body technique's healing power. Small groups create a safe place for self-reflection and introspection for oneself while being in the presence of others. Being able to share vulnerable thoughts and feelings in front of others without feeling fear or judgment is a powerful way to move past personal inadequacy and just move to the root of the problem.

If you are considering stress management techniques like mind-body skills to help you become more peaceful, consider joining a group in your community. You will be surprised at how learning these skills in a group can help you learn and heal faster.