Today Happiness is driving through Rock Creek Park!

Today happiness is driving through Rock Creek Park!  

One of my mother’s co-workers, who was from Thailand, described Washington, DC as a city in the trees.  I love that image and I feel that way whenever I am driving through Rock Creek Park!  It is a beautiful drive through the trees or close to the Potomac River and the tributaries.  There is a peacefulness and a stillness that is such a difference from the hustle found on the other streets in DC.  It is a small little stress reliever as I move from one appointment to another.   During the spring, summer and fall as I drive I can see walkers, bikers, or people rollerblading through the park.  Using all the trails and enjoying exercising outdoors.

Is there something in your day that is bringing you happiness?  Take a moment and feel the appreciation for something that makes you happy.

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Dae