Today Happiness is getting paid to do something I would do for free!

Today happiness is getting paid to do something I would do for free! I am a big fan of Chef Rebecca Katz and anytime she is in town I look forward to spending time with her.  Besides being a phenomenal person, she is a wealth of information about how to make healthy food taste incredible.  I would follow her around just to soak up any tidbits of information she shares while she is teaching.  I was so happy when she asked me to help her with cooking classes that she is teaching in Maryland in the fall.  It is a gift for me to work with someone who is a mentor for me.  What is even better is this is an opportunity to be paid for spending time learning and hanging with Rebecca. It also allows me to continue to grow professionally by working with Rebecca in teaching people how to cook and eat healthy meals!  It is a gift when I get to benefit from doing something I will thoroughly enjoy!

Is there something in your day that is bringing you happiness?  Take a moment and feel the appreciate for something that makes you happy.

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Dae