Conventional and Natural Treatments for Anxiety

One of my best friend’s is an internist. We will often discuss cases, trying to get ideas about how to help our patients heal. In the last few years we have talked about how to work with women who come in with different anxiety disorders. We have shared some great ways to reduce symptoms and problems related to anxiety disorders. Today I will share them with you too.

I will start by explaining the difference between having a normal emotion of anxiety and when your emotions of anxiety have turned into an anxiety disorder.

The emotion of anxiety is a normal part of the human emotional experience. It is usually fleeting and will disappear quickly or after a specific event has occurred.

Normally the feeling doesn’t occur on a daily basis. However when your anxious thoughts begin to interfere with sleep, work, or daily activities, you need to seek professional support to rule out an anxiety disorder.

The normal feeling of anxiety can have manifestations of feelings of apprehension and fear. During an intense bout of anxiety it can have physical manifestations such as palpitations, sweating, and feelings of stress.

Common symptoms that are associated with anxiety disorders are a feeling of apprehension or powerlessness, a lingering sense of danger or panic, heart pounding in the chest (increased heart rate), sweating or trembling, or feeling weak.

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