Why Do We Get Sunburn?

If you are like me, then you are a sun worshipper! I love feeling the sun on my skin warming me from the outside in. If we want be politically correct I can say that I sit in the sun to increase my levels of Vitamin D. As an African-American living slightly below the Mason-Dixon line in Washington, D.C., when I was a young person I thought that the slight melanin in my skin would protect me from sunburn.

As I moved into my young adulthood and began to travel to places where the sun was stronger, like the Caribbean, not protecting my skin, I was amazed to get my first sunburn!

It was red, painful and hot to the touch. The lightest of clothing hurt to rub against it and it lasted for two to four days.

Ultraviolet light (UV light) is what stimulates the pigments in your skin to tan or become darker. This is the body’s way of protecting your skin from the UV rays.

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Picture courtesy JupiterImages/Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock