Feeling Stressed? Learn How to Lighten Your Day

Stress is a word that we use to describe our emotional state as it relates to work life, home life, traveling, making difficult decisions, financial instability or changes to almost any facet of our daily lives. The medical dictionary defines stress as an organism's total response to environmental demands or pressures.

It goes on to describe stress results from interactions between people and their environment that are perceived as straining or exceeding their adaptive capacities and threatening their well-being.

Stress often results because of the way we view an outcome of a situation, whether we have succeeded or failed at our intended goal.

When we approach a situation and it turns out the way we wanted, we view it as a success. When we approach a situation and it turned out differently or the opposite of how we envisioned it, we consider it a failure.

For example if we have a project at work and we tell our boss it will take two hours to complete the project and it takes you one and a half days we might feel stressed about the fact we have not completed our task and our boss may evaluate us negatively for not completing our assignment. We deal with these types of failures small scale on a daily basis.

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