Are Vaccinations Right For My Child?

There is a lot of fear and confusion surrounding children’s vaccinations today. Vaccinations serve a dual purpose in our society. They are used to protect the individual child, and they are also used to protect the larger population also from the vaccine-preventable disease.

From a public health perspective, childhood death rates have dropped tremendously since the mandatory vaccination schedule was developed between 1900 and the 1960s.

This is a huge step forward for children’s health and safety. If a child is vaccinated they are protected from the vaccinated disease and they cannot pass it to their classmates or peers.

So the protection is not just for the child but for the community and larger population as well. This is called herd immunity.

This is why so many doctors are strong proponents of vaccination and the standard CDC vaccination schedule. Since there has not been any research in this country about altering the vaccination schedule, many physicians see no need to change it.

People who are concerned about vaccination for our children usually don’t argue about whether or not there are benefits to a vaccination process. Their concern is usually about the number of vaccinations that children receive beginning at birth.

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