Stress Reliever: Playtime with Family

When I was young I used to love spending time with my cousins. It seemed that every other year I would get a chance to spend time with my out of town cousins.  This was a treat for me because many of them lived in other parts of the country.  It would be a time to play nonstop from the time we arrived at their house until we had to leave to come home days later. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute except for the times when we were arguing about toys or games or whatever we would argue about. Those arguments would last for like 10 minutes and then we would be playing again.  I think what was so wonderful about all these times was all the love that surrounded us. It was also a time when we were allowed to play.  We could be ourselves and play and still be loved no matter what the outcome. Fast forward thirty years and I still love spending time with my cousins.  Even when we are are together for a sad occasion, the love and support is overwhelming in an awesome way.  It makes me think about how I can incorporate that loving feeling into my everyday life. What I came up with is that I should be adding play into my daily activities.  Yes, it is such a simple concept and so easy to do.  Play is one of the best stress relievers we have if we use it more often.  Playing can be high tech like Facebook or adding apps to our phones or play can be low tech like skipping down the block with our child or niece.  Play is a way to connect with our inner child who reminds us of our goals and dreams for ourselves. Play keeps us excited about life and possibilities.  I know that when I was playing with my cousins and even when I see them now as adults, I share my dreams that I am afraid to share with any one else.  I share them with my family because I know they will love and support me no matter how far out it seems to be.  Put a little play time in every day and see how your world view gets a little brighter.  Maybe start by just calling one of your cousins and remembering all the times you played with them when you were children.  It might spark an idea of how you can add play to your life now.

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