My Personal Paradise

Personal Paradise
Personal Paradise

When I used to think of paradise it always conjured pictures of palm trees and beautiful beaches which create a great escape and sense of well-being.  Since I can’t always afford (time wise or financially) to zip off to a Caribbean beach every time I feel stressed, I have started looking for more a practical way of creating paradise.


The definition of paradise is a place or state of bliss, felicity, or delight.  With such a broad and beautiful definition, a paradise can be just about anywhere you want it to be as long as it creates a sense of personal delight it meets the requirements of paradise.

My idea of paradise

My idea of paradise is any place that allows me to slow down, spend time in nature, and enjoy fresh food. I realized that one of my personal paradises is spending time at my (great) aunt’s house! It is only a few hours away which is ideal to get away a few times per year.  It is located on several acres of our family land in the South. It is in the country.  Time is slower there and it is so peaceful and quiet.  I relax the moment I drive onto the compound.  I know my cell doesn’t get a signal and secretly that makes me happy.  My life takes on a different pace and it is wonderful.

I love going there because I feel connected to my father’s side of my family.  My aunt, grandmother, and their siblings grew up farming on the land and there are peach trees and blueberry bushes planted by family members who are no longer here. 

My aunt still has a garden every year.  A small garden to her is a huge garden to me! Every time I go there I learn something about food and gardening!  I learn about growing cycles and the weather, the best time to plant and pick vegetables and herbs and how to store and preserve our yields.  It brings me delight to see food growing everywhere - peaches, apples, turnips, kale, basil, rosemary, parsley, dill, tomatoes, cabbage, peppers (hot and sweet), and so much more.

I love being able to walk around the yard.  I love picking all the fruits and vegetables and bringing them in to make breakfast or dinner.  There is something meditative to me about picking blueberries or tomatoes early in the morning.  The air seems fresher and I can wander around the property or down the dirt road seeing the horses or the cows next door.  My mind seems clearer, creative, and open to new ideas.  Finally I love the feeling of warmth surrounding me from my aunt and cousins. I feel it with every conversation in the yard or at the dinner table.

I definitely live in a state of felicity whenever I spend time at my aunt's house.  It is paradise for me!

Create a paradise wherever you are

Even if you can't get away from your every day routine you can still create a personal paradise right where you are!  It is simple and it only takes 4 steps.

Find a quiet space

It can be inside or outside.  I recommend that you find somewhere you will not be disturbed. 

If you are inside you can put a note outside of the room where you are sitting letting anyone in the house know that you will be unavailable for a period of time.

If you are outside then find a quiet place out side your home or in a park where you can feel comfortable sitting.  When I am in a park I leave my purse in the car so I don't feel self conscious about having it with me when I close my eyes.  I like to keep a blanket and a chair in the trunk of my car so I can stop in a park and have something to sit on.

What is nice about public parks is that other people in the park usually will give you space to be with yourself.  They won't disturb you as you sit in the park.

Turn off your electronic devices

Turn off your electronic devices. Don't just put them on silent.  When you turn off your phone you get to have a break from the outside world.  When you have something on silent it can still interrupt your piece of mind when you hear a buzzing noise from the your alerts.

Breathe deeply and fully

When you take deep full breaths you muscles and your nervous system relax.  When you body relaxes your mind can relax too.  If you are outside in nature look around and let your eyes look into the distance.  See the beauty around you.  This helps to relax you as well.

Let your mind think of healthy and happy thoughts

Let your thoughts about your day dissolve.  Think about people or places that bring a smile to your face.  Let yourself smile.  This is called visualization.  It can increase the endorphins, happy chemicals in your brain.

What is your idea of paradise?

Where are your personal paradises?  How often do you get away to them?

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Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Daemon Jones