Not All Organic Products are Created Healthy

I was at a bar in a restaurant waiting to be seated for dinner when I noticed one of the bottles of alcohol had the word "Organic" in big letters across the top. I was shocked to see "organic" on a bottle of alcohol. It made me wonder if people would see the word "organic" and think they were drinking more healthy because they were asked for the organic alcohol.

Simply put, when something is organic it means it has not been grown using pesticides or other chemicals that are or create toxins in the body.

Food products are allowed to call themselves organic if they follow the standards set by the USDA.

Under the National Organic Program (NOP) there are standards for handling and processing of organically grown agricultural products. So organic foods are better for you in the sense that they do not contain harmful or toxic chemicals.

However when I talk to people about eating healthy it is more important to eat a whole food instead of an organic food.

Whole foods are foods that are found in their natural state that are not highly processed and don’t contain synthetic additives and preservatives. Examples of whole foods are fruit, vegetables, beans and legumes, nuts, seeds, lean meats, fish, dairy, and water.

This is my recommendation for all my patients and audiences.


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