Using Electronic Apps As Prescriptions For Health

I truly enjoy seeing patients and helping them create practical ways to create health in their lives. It is one of my greatest pleasures. I am interested in ways to use technology as a tool to share information with my patients as well.

Before I went to naturopathic medical school, I was a computer consultant for several years.

Having a background in using technology to solve problems is helpful in providing people with tools they can use in their everyday life to answer and track health-related issues.

It is clear that smartphones, iPads, tablets and other electronic devices have fascinated people and become part of our daily lives.

There are people that can’t live (or at least would not be happy) without their devices and the accompanying applications (apps) they use.

On a weekly basis I have friends and patients that tell me about how they use apps to simplify their lives or make their lives more fun. I am always investigating apps my patients can use to make healthy living easier for them too.

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