A Power Outage Creates a New Groove

A few weeks ago the Eastern seaboard was bombarded with heat and storms which created power outages, cable problems, and phone issues for1.8 million people for weeks afterward.  During the chaos I was impacted for a few days and I made a realization that has pushed me into a new groove since.  Here is what happened. I woke up Saturday morning a little later than usual because my meditation alarm didn’t sound.  The power was out in my home. After making a few phone calls I learned that the power was out all over the city.

One of my dear friends, that lived two counties over, allowed me to spend the day with her and continue to work on my projects.   What a treat since I rarely get to see her. As I was driving up the road I had an unusual thought, I actually enjoy these unexpected times when nature creates this diversion in my life because it gives me time to spend time with friends.  Don’t get me wrong my entire schedule was thrown off because of no power and it caused me to have to do some major reshuffling to stay on track with my deadlines.  However, I really enjoy the sense of community and fellowship that always comes out of these major natural disruptions. About six years ago there was a hurricane that caused power to be out for 4 days. Our food was going bad so another friend and I had a cookout to salvage our food . It was a blast.  In the last snowstorm I finished two books and had some deep conversations with God.

It seems to me that natural disasters are opportunities to slow down and connect with ourselves and the people we love.  It is like the universe is tapping on our shoulder and asking us to just be present in the moment and remember what is important, our relationships by savoring the simple moments, laughing and talking with the people in front of us.  Counting our blessings for what we have may be taken for granted when we are so busy.  Electricity, internet, air conditioning, support from friends, family, and neighbors, these are all gifts that can be taken away swiftly with no notice.

Since the lights came back on I have made the decision to spend at least one afternoon a week working in a community environment so I can be supported by others.  This is my new groove working with others and I love it.


Live Vibrantly,


Dr. Daemon Jones

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