Super Simple Guacamole


I love avocados!  They are versatile and can be eaten with chips and salads or added to soups, nachos, or any of your favorite Mexican dishes.  Avocados are filling and full of GOOD fat.  Yes, there is such a thing of good fat.  We need good fats for skin and heart health.  They also have some key nutrients that are absorbed well because of all of the fat contained in avocado. They are anti-inflammatory, help to balance blood sugar levels, and they have antioxidants too.  They have been shown to promote heart health, and have anti-cancer properties.

Of course guacamole is one of favorite summer snacks. This creamy treat takes about 2 minutes to make and is one of the healthiest filling treats.  One of the nicest things about making your own guacamole is that you can adjust the recipe to make it perfect for you or your family's taste buds.  For example if you don't like cilantro then you can take it out.  I have noticed that people either love or the hate it.  There doesn't seem to be any middle ground.  I love it so I have included it in my recipe.

If you are a guacamole fan and you have never made it before, try it you will become a convert and start making your own.  If you have not eaten guacamole, try it you will like it too.

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