Veggies With Pesto


As the summer comes to an end, I try to figure out what to do with all the extra Basil in my garden.  The simple and easy solution make pesto!  Pesto is generally made with olive oil, basil, pine nuts, garlic and Parmesan cheese.  It requires no cooking and is done in 5 minutes or less.

Since I avoid dairy products I often slightly alter recipes to keep the flavor without using dairy products like cheese. I substituted white beans, sea salt and lemon to give the pesto a nice consistently and a little zing.

At the end of summer there is plenty of squash and zucchini to go around too.  I just lightly sauteed some veggies that were in the refrigerator and coated them with my pesto and I had a fantastic side dish to go with fish or chicken.  If you want to stay vegetarian then add some white beans or chickpeas to your saute and you are all set.

The best thing about this dish is that it wonderful for all types of health conditions including blood sugar balancing, heart health, anti-inflammatory, detoxification or elimination, gluten free and dairy free too.


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