How the Food you Eat Can Improve Your Energy Level

How the foods you eat can improve your energy level

Food is fuel and how often you eat during the day can dictate your energy level.  Skipping meals can reduce your energy. Start out your day with breakfast!  Many people are rushing in the morning and skip breakfast because they don't have time.  Consider making breakfast the night before so you can just heat it up first thing in the morning and go.  Other options could include fruits with toast and nuts butters or my favorite smoothies!

Focus on eating at least 3 meals and day.  If you find you have energy dips between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner think about eating snacks to keep your energy up. Snacks can be as simple and beans dips with whole wheat crackers, a piece of fruit or trail mix.

When you are choosing which foods to eat, whole foods are the best choices.  Examples are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, lean meats, small amounts of good fats and water.

Avoid processed foods.  These foods are frozen dinners, cookies, cakes, pastries, processed meats and sandwich meats, canned soups, etc. Processed foods can be categorized as any foods that are high in sodium or white sugar.

Save desserts and sweets for special occasions.

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