Creating a New You Starts with Being Honest with Yourself

Have you ever felt like your life is not working for you? I mean really not working for you? 


Like you are out of alignment with the life you know you want to create? 

This is how I have been feeling for the last several weeks.  I am in the middle of creating a new me – personally and professionally.  I have goals for my life that are pushing me outside of my comfort zone and into a higher level of peace and joy personally and professionally.  I have set realistic plans to get to where I want to be, but these projects are creating a feeling of frustration and overwhelm that I just can’t shake. 

I try to push these limiting thoughts and feelings to the back of my mind.  You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that tell me that I have taken on too much or that I can’t really think my ideas will work.  The ones that create self-doubt. I have this sinking feeling that something has to give and a few days ago it did. 

That morning I got up to have an early morning meeting, then I headed off to yoga with some nagging thoughts swirling around in my head.  Yoga helped and by the end of class I felt more relaxed.  I headed home to take a shower and then started working again and then it happened!  My feelings caught up to me!

In my relaxed state I was overtaken with all the sadness, frustration, loss and desperation about my life not measuring up to goals at this period in my life. These were the feelings that I had been pushing down for the last couple of months, and I was making myself sick.  In the silence of my home in the middle of the day I was wailing with anguish in my shower.  I was so emotional that I dropped to my knees and curled up in a ball on the floor of the tub while the warm water splashed on me.  I had bouts of gasping for breath and sobbing until I finally began to feel all the upset draining out of my body and down the drain.  I actually felt lighter than I had in months.  I stopped judging myself and let it all go.

In that moment I was honest with myself about all the stress and pressure I have been putting on myself to succeed in all my goals right now!  Realizing that I am putting pressure on myself that is not healthy and it is not helping me to be calm and focused on my goals.

Releasing the fear gave me new excitement about the possibility for my goals. There may be things I don’t know how to do in these new projects, but it’s ok, I can just ask for help without fear coloring my vision. I know it is possible to meet my goals and have more joy in the process.  This is what life is about!

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Daemon Jones

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