Question about Fibroids

Last year one of my readers sent me a message about a distressing decision she was being asked to make about her fibroid treatment.  She was not being given support by her doctors and felt that all of her options had difficult side effects.  Here is the response that I wrote to her.  It might be helpful to any of you that are considering treatments for mild fibroids. I'm sorry that you are having such an emotional experience making the right decision for your body.   I agree with you that surgery or taking medication is a big decision and it should not be taken lightly. If you decide to have surgery then I would research the hospital and the surgeon to see what is their percentage of hysterectomy surgeries. If they have a high percentage you might want to find an institution that has a lower percentage  to make sure your doctor is making the best decision for you instead of suggesting surgery because that is the common practice of the hospital.

Any time a women has to take hormones it can cause imbalances and side effects (Lupron) so I don't recommend that it is the first choice in treatment if your hormones are not impacting your daily activities. Since it sounds like the fibroids are not impacting you in a very extreme way, I would look at ways to improve your overall health and live with the fibroids since they will shrink as you move into menopause. Perhaps you can give yourself 6 months of eating whole foods, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising and see how you feel.

In the meantime, be gentle with yourself about making such a tough choice. Try to still your mind about this health issue.  Perhaps you can journal about it.  In your journal ask your fibroid what it is here to tell you?  Why does it exist? Once you have asked the question write down whatever comes into your head.  It might be your body's way of getting your attention about an issue you need to resolve.  As you work on resolving your health issue it might stop growing in the process.

I hope that helps.


Dr. Daemon Jones