Enjoying Food with Textures

Foods are medicines for us and often people will not experiment with foods because they are intimidated or ‘grossed out’ by the texture.  Foods have many types of textures and sometimes the texture of a food causes people to have difficulty eating them.  When we can learn to get past our mind's fear of the new food we can often really enjoy the taste and the health benefits of these textured foods.

I am fortunate I don’t seem to have a problem with textures. Avocado, mussels, tofu-- bring them on. I love them all.

With one exception...poached eggs they seemed to stop me in my tracks !  The runny-ness of the yolk just seemed too much for me so I would pass on them.  I have plenty of friends that really enjoy them and in traditional Chinese medicine they have a medicinal value.

Several years ago one of my close friends, who happened to be my naturopathic and oriental medicine doctor, Dr. Joanne Wu, recommended that I eat poached eggs to nourish my yin energy.   Basically I was working too hard and I had depleted all my energy reserves. Part of her treatment plan to help me restore my energy required me to eat soft or poached eggs.  I couldn’t bring myself to eat them.  Over time I got better without the poached eggs.

A year later I worked as a waitress as I relocated my practice.  The restaurant had a brunch that served poached eggs on the weekend.  I decided to take advantage of this environment to see if I could push my way past my discomfort at looking at the runny eggs and learn to eat poached egg. I am happy to report it took several attempts but I was able to successfully eat and enjoy poached eggs.

The key for me was having the chefs prepare my favorite brunch specials with hard poached eggs on top.  Over time I got to be able to have soft poached eggs – not runny but semi-solid.  Finally perfectly poached runny eggs were on top of my brunch meals.

I even learned how to make them at home.  Poached eggs are so fast and easy.  I serve them over vegetables and have a great combination of protein and veggies.


The lesson I learned is to be open about trying new foods even if they seem gross or scary.  Staying open to trying poached eggs actually gave me a new simple favorite food to eat.  Expose yourself to them several times before you rule them out completely.  This is an especially good rule when you are exposing your kids to new foods.  Have them try it at least 20 times in different recipes before you let them say they don’t like it.

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Daemon Jones

Picture : poached egg over brown rice bread and sauteed zucchini and red bell peppers - One of my favorite breakfast options.