Attending Festival is a Fun Outing for All

H Street Festival
H Street Festival

If your city is like mine, and I’m sure it is, it has outdoor festivals when the weather is nice.  For me, living in Washington, DC means there are festivals, community events, service projects and outdoor music or movies spring, summer and fall.  Many are free to the public.  These are great opportunities to go outside, meet people and try new things for families, couples, girlfriends, boyfriends, good friends or just by yourself.  *There are often indoor activities too during the colder months though not as many. I enjoy going to events because it gives me an opportunity to learn about my community, find new activities or restaurants that I might want try in the future or give me time to spend with friends while meeting new people.  Festivals are a great way to entertain all different age groups without much effort.  So when the kids are bored and complaining packing them up for a new adventure is great.  Likewise when your relatives have come to visit and you need something to occupy them heading out to a festival is a great idea.  I love inviting my single, married and friends with family to festivals because we can all go and enjoy the activities without anyone not attending because of babysitting or issues.  We can all just have fun and there is something for everyone to do.

Today a friend invited me to the H Street festival for the afternoon.  We had blast eating, running into other friends and looking at all the vendors' wares.  Our group was made up of single people, couples, mothers and children.  It was fun for all.

If you are not familiar with activities in your area, try looking at your local or community papers since they often have a calendar of events.  You can also use internet web searches to find activities in your town.  Don't be afraid to ask co- workers, church members or friends about weekend plans letting them know you are interested in activities in your area.  If you have close neighboring towns or cities check to see when is happening in their areas too.  There are many ways to get involved in activities in your area that break up your normal routine, get you outside walking around and perhaps introduce you to new, fun and healthy activities that you were not aware of in your own back yard.

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Daemon Jones

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