Gardening: an emotional and physical activity

When I think about gardening I think of two things, food and flowers.  These are the fruits of gardening; however, there is so much more that goes into the process of taking care of flowers.  I was introduced to gardening as a child because my father’s side of the family had vegetable gardens.  I started learning to pick vegetables at such a young age when sometimes the plants were bigger than I was!  It was just proud to have a basket full of vegetables to show my parents and grandparents.  I have been able to continue to learn about planting foods with my great-aunt and dad over the years. Fast forward to four years ago I started to learn about planting and gardening flowers when I moved into my maternal grandmothers home. My Grammy loved to garden and she was a gardener for all of her life. She had a beautiful garden in her home of flowers she had planted and taken care of for the last 40 years.  This time the “fruits” of gardening were the beautiful flowers that we cut and put on the table or in rooms of our home. It is amazing how flowers can lift the spirit and beautify any room instantaneously.

What I have learned from taking care of the yard and the flowers is that gardening is a serious workout! It is a stress reliever.  It requires time and energy but it is extremely rewarding too.  As I cut, prune and dig I use muscles all over my body.  I find myself breathing hard too.  It can save money because it can be expensive to have someone landscape your yard.  It is also a great way to get children interested in playing outside and in the dirt with a goal in mind.  I even invite my friend’s children or the neighborhood children over to help me and learn about planting.  It is amazing how many questions they have and how proud of themselves they are for accomplishing a task.  It is even more exciting when months later they can see the “fruits” of their labor.

The best thing about gardening for me is that I have been able to share gardening with my grandparents, parents, friends and now younger generations.  It is a great activity for all.