Breast Cancer Diagnosis Changes The Fine Dining Experiences in DC

A special conversation with Elizabeth of Elizabeth Gone Raw

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month it seemed like a perfect opportunity to share my conversation with an enthusiastic and innovative woman who has reinvented the concept of fine dining in the DC area through her personal journey of becoming breast cancer free.  During her healing journey she found eating raw foods was a critical part of her treatment plan.  She recognized that eating raw was part of her healing journey and she wanted to share her experience with others in a non-judgmental and supportive way.  Since she is in the catering business, she thought she could use her ability to create a dining experience for people to allow others to have a personal understanding of raw food as a sensual experience.

I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Elizabeth on two separate occasions.  Both times I found her to be delightful and open to share the experiences of her journey with me.  You can taste the love and the joy in her food.  The flavors and the freshness of her dishes made everyone at the table squeal with joy and amazement.  It tastes good and makes you feel good too.  Her restaurant is open on Friday evenings and reservations are preferred.  You will have Amuse, Starter, Appetizer, Intermezzo, Entrée, and Sweet.  You can view the menu or make reservations at  You also have the option of pairing organic wines with your meal. She originally started creating all menus for Elizabeth's Gone Raw but as she found chef, Jonathan Seningen,who has a way with raw foods creating wonderful food.  She has been able to turn over the creative planning to him.  The beauty of her new chef is that he still creates fabulous dishes that are raw; however, he also creates animal based meals too so he can support the other side of the business, which is the Washington Catering Company too.

23 years ago she bought The Catering Company of Washington, DC, and she has been creating wonderful dining experiences for businesses, events and personal occasions ever since.  Approximately three years ago she began to incorporate raw food experience into her business as an expression of blending her personal viewpoint and her business.  This has become a blend of fining dining and veganism.  She wants people to have the full-on sensual experience of food that is healing.  She appreciates that food is highly personal and she wanted to give everyone a chance to have the wonderful experience of delightful dishes in a beautiful environment surrounded by friends and wonderful music that happens to be vegan and raw.  If you enjoy it maybe you will decide to investigate how you can start incorporating it into your personal experiences at home. The restaurant is intended to give people the opportunity to try a different type of cuisine.  She uses her business as a way of connecting and sharing with others.

As Elizabeth explains, "Raw food is really sexy.”  It is literally great for your sex life along with all the other cells of your body.  It oxygenates your cells and give them vitality and energy. There is a direct correlation with high quality plant-based foods with your health. It is fantastic to be able to create an experience of high quality and level fine dining. I have tried different options and I have loved them all.  The flavors are rich and dance around in your mouth.  The meals are filling.  The desserts are luscious and satisfy your sweet tooth.  I highly recommend supporting this restaurant and treating yourself to this dining experience.