Immune-Boosting Herbs for Common Cold or Flu Symptoms Take 2

In the last week the temperature in much of the East Coast changed from the 70s to the 50s or 40s overnight. With these types of temperature changes we can often get caught in situations where we don’t have the right clothing and we can start to feel ill. Sitting at the homecoming football game on Saturday, I started to get chilled as the sun moved off of our section of the stadium. By the end of the weekend I felt tired and almost like I could be getting sick.

I decided to continue to write about herbs that support our immune system during a cold or flu. The reason I use the liquid extracts of these is to mix them so they can have a synergetic effect in the body. Individually these are still great herbs however when you are having multiple symptoms, using them together can speed your healing.

Oregon Grape (Mahonia species)

Oregon grape is my favorite antimicrobial herb. It helps to supports infectious conditions. It supports the immune system especially the lungs, digestive system and urinary system. It is an anti-inflammatory herb so it helps reduce the inflammatory response thus reducing pain.

It also promotes the elimination of waste products that are being created as your immune system fights your common cold or flu symptoms. This is contraindicated in pregnancy.

Wild Cherry (Prunus species)

I usually add wild cherry when someone has a wet cough. It helps to bring up the phlegm and relaxes the nervous system in the process. It also has a drying quality again clear up the wetness with the cough. This is contraindicated in pregnancy.

Hyssop (Hyssopus Officinalis)

Hyssop is an antiseptic so it kills germs in your nasal passages or throat. It reduces phlegm in the lungs. It also helps reduce swelling in the lymph nodes or swelling from cuts or in joints.

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