Home Remedies to Ease Sore Throats

In the fall do you or a family member tend to get swollen glands, scratchy throat, or pain that worsens when you swallow? You have a sore throat, or pharyngitis. As long as I can remember I have had a propensity for a sore throat, more than any other type of common cold or flu. In the fall is seems that I am more susceptible to a scratchy throat than any other time of the year.

I teach one or two classes during the semester. This means that I’m lecturing about ten hours per week. Combining the hours of lecturing with the weather changes, I can run into problems with my throat.

Some time in October or November my throat gets hoarse and wants attention to feel better. As soon as I start to feel a scratchy throat I take care of if so it doesn’t progress.

A more serious infection of the throat is strep throat, which usually is treated with antibiotics. If you have a sore throat for more than a week you can get a rapid strep test at your doctors office.

If it is positive a round of antibiotics will be prescribed by your doctor. If the test is negative, then some of these home remedies can help resolved your viral infection more quickly.

Most sore throats are caused by viral infections. There are some really simple home remedies you can use to help heal your throat. These remedies will help if you have symptoms due to excessive use of vocal cords, pharyngitis or because of a viral infection.

I always cover my throat with a scarf or turtleneck. I find it helps to gargle with warm salt water.

Another remedy involves honey and ginger in warm water. The thickness helps to coat and sooth the throat. It also acts an antiviral. Honey should not be given to children under the age of one year old.

You might also use a neti pot as a method of washing out the nasal passages. Make sure to use distilled or filtered water for safety' sake. The FDA says you could also use bottled water, after boiling it and letting it cool.

When it comes to food, eat protein and veggies to support the immune system.

I focus on these and I always feel better.

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Dae

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