Food Challenge: What to Make from your Pantry

As part of the food challenge I have decided to use the foods that I have found in my friend's refrigerator or pantry to make as many dishes as possible to teach you how to use the foods that you have in your home in new ways.  For today I am using the following foods: a bag of mixed nuts, red fingerling potatoes, Brussels sprouts and sour cream.  Do you have any idea what I can make? Well even though I am not a big dairy person because I have allergies to dairy products, when I saw the sour cream I thought: mashed potatoes.  I thought I would indulge myself with the sour cream in some mashed potatoes.  When I make mashed potatoes I leave the skins on because they are a great source of fiber.  I always think that potatoes are better with garlic and chives so I added those in too.  I boiled the fingerling potatoes in some salt water until they were soft when pierced with a knife.  I drained the potatoes and mashed them with minced garlic, diced chives, sea salt, pepper and a dab of sour cream.  Simple and yummy.

What goes better with mashed potatoes than meatloaf, right?  Since I don’t eat red meat or pork I decided to pull down the bag of mixed nuts from the pantry and make a nut loaf.  It is simple, I just put the nuts in the blender with a few herbs and ground them up into a course meal.  While I was doing that I sautéed mushrooms and onions.  Then I added them both in a bowl and mixed well.  I poured it into loaf pan and baked until brown, about 45 minutes.  This was a great source of protein to replace meatloaf.

Finally I love to have greens with each meal so I sautéed the Brussels sprouts with  olive oil, lime and dill.  It was perfect and done about 10 minutes.

This was a great complete vegetarian meal that was filling and filled with flavor created from the foods found in the house.

[box]The recipes for Brussels sprouts and the nut loaf can be found in my book, Daelicious! Recipes for Vibrant Living.[/box]


Live Vibrantly

Dr. Daemon Jones