The Cookie Swap Dilemma

On this installment I tackle a holiday cookie swap! My dilemma - I love sweet treats and I’m committed to showing people how whole food eating can be delicious and simple so what type of cookie do I bring to a party to share with everyone?

To completely out myself I love dessert!  I want to bring something that tastes really good and is healthy.  While I am very good at cooking and creating food recipes, I am very bad at baking whole food recipes.  Baking is more like a science, you can’t just throw things together and expect to make perfect cookies, too much liquid can make a cookie mess.  Since whole foods baking is not one of my strengths I don’t have go to recipes that I know people will like.  I have also noticed that some healthy cookies require ingredients that are hard to find and require a lot of work.  My goal is to make whole food cooking accessible and easy for me and all the people I share it with.  So when in doubt I go to of my favorite award winning book The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen by my friend, Rebecca Katz.  It is a great book that has yummy recipes that, oh by the way, happen to be delicious too!  I found Wendy’s Date Nut Truffles, truffles made with dark chocolate and almonds - two of my favorite combinations.  Chocolate is almost always a hit so I went for this simple recipe and it tastes delightful.  The truffles were chewy and soft with a lovely chocolate taste.

Last year the truffles were a hit!  People loved them.  Two people told me that they loved dates so they were interested in the recipe.  In fact the truffles won the most creative cookie award against some stiff competition of chocolate salty caramel cookies and the most popular Snicker-doodle.

The cookie swap party presents a special challenge for me because the purpose of the party is to go enjoy the cookies and bring several dozen cookies home to continue to eat later during the holidays.    I always have love them, so to be in a room of many, many, many cookies is dangerous for me.  I have to have a game plan before I step foot into the party.  I am deciding that I will only bring home a certain amount of cookies probably no more than 2 dozen and I will share the ones I bring with the staff and my family so they will be gone within 3 days.  This way I don’t continue to eat cookies, candies and refined sugar for the next 2 weeks.

There were many yummy choices but I stuck to my plan about how many cookies to bring home. I shared them and I finished them today 3 days after the party. My idea to bring a healthy and yummy treat worked like a charm and I got to have a wonderful holiday experience.  Happy holidays!