Easy Meals to De-Stress Your Holiday

How are you doing during this holiday season? It is the week of Hanukkah and two weeks away from Christmas.  You are in the full swing of the holiday season and if you are like me you have a few extra engagements in addition to the normal flow of your life.  So this week I am looking for easy meals that can heat up and eat easily in between my activities.  My solution?  Soup, chili and stews! During the holiday season with all of the activities in the evening and on the weekend eating healthy can be challenging.  Soups are wonderful because they are one-pot meals that can be heated up quickly and are very nourishing.  If your soup is made with protein and vegetables they also stimulate the immune system to fight off colds and flus too. This season colds and flus have come a little early this year and surprised several people this year.  Eating soups, chili and stews can help prevent cold and flus keeping your from celebrating this holiday season. Everyone has a soup that they and their family loves.

Homemade soups can be very easy to make most of the cooking time is found simmering on the stove.  So as long as you have a timer in the kitchen after you chop the ingredients the soup does all the work. There are so many recipes that only require a few ingredients which is part of what makes them so easy and fun!

In terms of equipment you need a cutting board, a knife, and a soup pot.  Most people have those in their home.  Some people use a crockpot instead of a soup pot. While I am not pro with the crockpot I have so many mom’s that swear by them.  They can put the ingredients in the crockpot in the morning and when they get home dinner is ready!  Convenience is another benefit of easy soups, stews or chili to help you enjoy your holiday.

I've made it really easy for you the next couple of weeks so you can de-stress and simply enjoy eating during meal time for the holidays, I've created  Easy Suppers with Soups an ebook with recipes gathered that will make your holidays healthy, happy, and nourishing!

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Daemon Jones