Cultivating Health in 2013

This time five years ago I finished and self-published my first food lifestyle and recipe guide, "Daelicious! Recipes for Vibrant Living!" This was an incredible undertaking. The reason it was so incredible for me is I have always had a fear of writing - any type of writing whatsoever. I have always tried to stay away from writing in a professional capacity. So why did I write Daelicious? I wrote it to support my patients' requests for healthy recipes that taste delicious, were easy to prepare and nutritious. I had to overcome my fear of writing to create a health guide for my patients.

Whenever we want to move to a higher level of ourselves, we have to move through fear and embrace our gifts.  If we want to be healthy we have to move through illness; if we want to have a partner or family, we have to move through our fear of intimacy; if we want to own our own business, we must move through our fear of financial stability.  Whatever the goal is we want to achieve, we have to move through some limiting thoughts to get to that goal or dream.  Having a focused goal can help us move through our fear.  For me, creating a health guide for my patients was my goal.  It helped me move through my limited thoughts about my ability to write.

In addition to moving through my fear of writing, it gave me an appreciation for my patients' feelings when they come into my office and are fearful about the changes I ask them to make in their lives to change the course of their illness to wellness.  The patients most ready for change will be honest about their fears when I ask them to change their food lifestyles.   They feel like they will not be able to do it. (I do not like the word diet because I think healthy changes need to become permanent over time.) So when I ask them to change, I encourage them to take it one day at a time.  If they are willing to trust me and take it one day at a time, after several weeks they get the hang of the new food lifestyle and their taste buds start to change. Six months later they admit they didn’t think they could do it, but they are really proud of themselves for changing their food lifestyles to improve their health. I guess overcoming my writing fear is what I deserve for making my patients overcome their fears of changing to healthier behaviors.

What do you want to change in 2013?  What are you afraid you will not be able to do? What do you want support in changing?  Let's take a journey together to cultivate health in our lives. We will be looking at mental, emotional, mental, and physical health in 2013. It is an opportunity to grow as a community so share your fears and triumphs with me, Dr. Dae at

I look forward to cultivating health together in 2013!


Dr. Daemon Jones