Dr. Dae's Keys to Daelicious! Eating

For many years I taught cooking classes all over the DC metropolitan area.  The classes wee always an interesting and entertaining experience, primarily because of the great questions people asked me.  A majority of my classes were focused on nutrition for patients with cancer or illnesses like heart disease or diabetes.  Whenever classes were done I always got requests for more recipes or a group of recipes for specific health conditions.  Over time all the questions turned into the idea for my first book Daelicious! Recipes for Vibrant Living.   I decided on the 9 dietary plans that were used the most in my cooking classes and my practice to be the basis for my book.  I called them food lifestyles instead of diets because I wanted people to understand this is a behavioral change and not a fad diet.

At the bottom of each recipe I have a key that tells you how the recipe will act a medicine for a special condition.  For example if you are managing diabetes or pre-diabetes then you can look for the picture of the broccoli.  Anywhere you see the broccoli you know this recipe is rich in protein and fiber, 2 key ingredients to balance blood sugar. It makes it easy for you to just flip through the book and plan your meals.

Of course I have a section that explains which food lifestyles are ideal for the condition that you want to treat.  Once you understand what the principles are for the diet, you can use my recipes or find others that sound tasty and create them.  You can also use the rules to understand what to order when you are eating out or are away from home.

Here are the food lifestyles and an example of why you might use them (there are more conditions in the book).

  • Anti-Inflammatory: heart conditions, pain conditions, any inflammation conditions
  • Blood Sugar Balancing: diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Dairy-Free: Milk or dairy allergies or sensitivities
  • Detoxification: headaches or digestive complaints
  • Elimination: food allergies or beginning of a new treatment plan
  • Liver Enhancing: menstrual conditions, skin conditions
  • Vegan: cancer treatments
  • Gluten Free: Celiac disease or gluten allergies or intolerance
  • Whole Foods: a maintenance plan for all food lifestyles

I have designed the book to be useful for my patients or anyone that wants to create vibrant health in their lives. Enjoy!

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Daemon Jones

“Dr. Dae”


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