Cooperation Can Detoxify your Relationships

Today is a dual celebration for our nation. It is the inauguration of our President, Barack Obama, and celebration of the Martin Luther King holiday.  For me, both of these men talk about the importance of building relationships as a bridge for peace.  As we looking at their legacies, we can see that when people create healthy relationships and conversations then the world grows and changes.  However, when relationships break down and people refuse to communicate with one another everyone loses. As we focus on detoxifying our life, it is an ideal time to talk about detoxifying our relationships.  How can we create relationships that are focused on cooperation? We focus on the mutual benefits that we receive in our relationships.  When you focus on the benefit you personally receive from the relationship you can have gratitude for it.  It helps you remember to come to the relationship in a peaceful manner.  This can be tremendously useful when you and the other person have a difference of opinion about a situation that arises in your relationship.

Let me give you an example of how to focus on the mutual benefit of a relationship to create cooperation instead of tension.  I am involved in many organizations filled with intelligent and strong personalities that come together to support communities.  In one particular case we were putting together packages to deliver to members of the community.  I was working with the head of the committee and she wanted items placed in a very, very particular way which was causing a little bit of friction for the volunteers that had already set up their system differently.  I was caught in the middle.  In the spirit of cooperation I spoke to the head of the committee and asked for a slight modification to compensate for all the work that volunteers had already done. She agreed and the project moved smoothly with everyone feeling good about their work!

Detoxifying your relationships means you find ways to have peace and calm in your relationship.  It reduces stress in your relationships, in your body and in your life.

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Daemon Jones

Dr. Dae

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