Do You Know How to Make All Your Dreams Come True?

This week I have been reflecting on Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy.  I asked myself the question, "How can each of us make our own dreams come true?" I was reminded of a speech that Jackie Woodside gave at my church.  She opened her talk with these words "All of my dreams come true."  What a powerful statement! All of my dreams come true! Take a moment and consider what your life would be like if you believed all of your dreams could come true! We have dreams for our personal self, our finances, our health, our relationship and our families. Our dreams might not be as global as Dr. King’s but they don’t have to be. I'm going to propose to you that all your dreams can and do come true in your life! Let's call your dreams a manifestation of your belief system.  When we have big, positive dreams they can drive us to get excited and push to make things happen in our lives. When we believe strongly in our dreams,we can achieve any goal. We do things that we never thought we could do, and we are rewarded with achieving our goals just like the first time someone runs a 5K or a trains for a triathlon.

The thing about dreams is that we often think about dreams as good. However, we can have dreams or beliefs that are negative too. Right? Unfortunately this is true too. When we don't believe we can achieve something we don't try very hard and we don't make our goal.  You know what I mean when you say you are going on a diet but you don't really want to give up your favorite cookies or pizza or pasta dish.  Then the first hard day you have you fall off the diet and eat all your favorite foods.

When you have a belief system that you can do or have all the things you want, your dreams do come true.  When you have a belief system that you can’t or things are too hard or overwhelming, they don’t.  Think about Dr. King, he had a dream that outlived his own lifetime but we are still reaping the rewards of his positive thoughts about our community and world.

How can we make our dreams come true? Ms. Woodside suggested that we think outside the box and be open to our dream showing up differently that we imagine in our minds.  I think we can see from Dr. King’s life and death that it is true.

I’m willing to believe All My Dreams Come True -  Are You?

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Daemon Jones

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