Checking in on Dr. Dae's Heart Health Checklist

At the beginning of each session I ask my patient, "Have you had any challenges this week?" It might seem like a very open ended question and it is intended to be.  It is designed to allow them to talk about whatever challenge is preoccupying their mind and potentially preventing them from meeting their mental, emotional, spiritual or physical goals for health. This week one of my patients who I'm treating for a specific physical condition shared a dilemma he was facing in his business life.  After a clearing and centering exercise he answered the question about this week’s challenge by sharing a problem that was in his heart and mind.  He talked for a few minutes then laughingly said, "You probably didn't want to hear all of that." My response was actually I did. This situation was weighing heavy on his heart.  Here is a perfect example of why I developed my heart health checklist this month.  Our health is more than our physical health, it is also all the feeling and emotions that we deal with on a daily and weekly basis as well.

So have you taken a few minutes to check in on your heart health this month?  If you want to review the checklist you can click on this link.

How is your heart doing?  Did you pick one thing off the list to work on this month?

Perhaps you decided to change one thing about the foods you eat?  Perhaps you have increased your servings of fruits and vegetables this month.  To learn more about fruits and vegetables serving sizes check out my Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

Maybe after reading about labs that are predictive of heart health, you pull out your last lab work and review it?  This will give you indications about the status of your heart health.  If you don’t know how to interpret your labs you can read my articles are reading labs interpreting heart disease. Labs Specific for Heart Disease

Or maybe you have realizes you need to spend a little time getting in touch with your feelings and you realize you need to sit and breathe for 1 minute every day to calm your mind and your body.  You can watch this video to give you ideas on how to get in touch with how you feel. Getting in touch with your feelings

Heart health is a process.  It begins with taking one new behavior and incorporating it into your life.


Be heart healthy,


Dr. Dae