Stress Relief Improves Heart Health

Did you know that detoxifying your mind can improve your heart heart?  When you take the time to quiet your mind you release stress and that supports your heart health. When I think about mental detoxification, I think about quieting the mind of negative thoughts.  This can be a great path to healing.  It can also be a way of propelling us to achieve our dreams and goals.  Controlling our negative thoughts can be a powerful way to detoxify and transform our health.  Have you ever been confronted with a project or a lifestyle change that you didn’t think you could handle at first? It might have been hard but after a period of time you DID it?  How did you feel when you accomplished it? Great! Happy! Proud! When we think about heart health don't we think of about feeling good.

This is the power of overcoming your negative thoughts.  I hear this triumphant story of people detoxifying their thoughts and improving their lives in my practice. When I first give my patients an assignment to modify their diets to achieve their health goals, they often walk out of my office thinking “I can’t do this.”  Within  3 months, with positive support and time to create a plan, they have success in their goal of weight loss or improved lab work – they are on top of the world.

What was the key?  They realized their negative thoughts were preventing them from achieving their goals.  Once they made a conscious effort to overcome the negative thoughts by setting small, reasonable steps to their goals, their life shifted for the better.  They made an emotional commitment to change their thoughts and a plan to change their behaviors and they did it.

The idea of changing your thoughts to change you life does work.  It is a process of detoxification by replacing negatives with a plan and positive support and it can happen to you too.

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Daemon Jones

Dr. Dae

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