Dr. Dae's March Checklist - Women's Health

Welcome to March and Women’s Health Month! The focus for this month on HealthyDaes.com is self evaluation and self care.  Women generally are responsible for the health and wellness of themselves and their families.  Sometimes with all that responsibility women forget to take stock of their own health process.  I have designed a checklist for all of you ladies to think about your overall health!

  • What are your dreams for yourself and your life?
  • Are you moving towards those goals in your life? Why or why not?
  • When you wake up do you feel rested? Or are you tired?
  • Do you ever skip meals during the day? Why?
  • What is your daily energy level? (rate yourself on a scale from 1 -10)
  • When is your energy level highest during the day?  When is it the lowest?
  • What do you to for fun/relaxation?
  • What are your most important health concerns?
  • Are your periods pain free? Do you have pre-menstrual symptoms? Are they physical? Or emotional?
  • Are you currently going through menopause? Do you have symptoms?  Are they physical? Or emotional?

These questions are designed to get you to think about all facets of your health. As women our emotional health is as important as our physical health.  Each has an effect on the other.  As we evaluate our emotional and our physical health, we can begin to choose behaviors that will cultivate health and support vibrant living.

Vibrant Health,

Dr. Daemon Jones

Dr. Dae