Dr. Dae's First Professional Video Shoot

While most of my posts are about correcting a disease process or healthy foods to help you get healthy and stay healthy this one is about a personal exciting first experience.  Here is my first professional video shoot.  Check it out!!!!!  

This is a great story! I am a writer for a website, www.empowher.com and they sent out an email asking if someone was able to do a video shoot in New York City.  I was available so they booked me on at train up to New York City. They booked me in a hotel in mid-town Manhattan.  I love New York City and I have been there 100's of times but I have never stayed in a hotel before.  So it was a nice treat to have my own room to spread out in NYC.  I was able to walk to dinner and a Broadway show with a friend the night before my shoot.

One of the great things about New York is the food!  My friend is a vegetarian so she took me to a great restaurant with great food and great vegetarian options.  My first course was a fabulous vegan Butternut Squash Soup with a Pomegranate Sauce.  I choose it because it sounded and tasted great.  However the truth is it is filled with anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory nutrients.  The pasta dish was a tomato-based sauce with vegetables.  Our dessert was a apple and per tart and even with the caramel sauce fiber from the fruit was present.  It is possible to have a meal that taste great and is filled with vegetables and fiber to support heart health and normalize blood glucose levels.






The next day I had plenty of time to work on writing articles for my blog and answer emails from my patients before getting ready for my afternoon photo shot.  I decided to have a quick healthy soup and salad before getting dressed.  Packed up my bags and walked a few short blocks to the photo shoot.

Once I walked into this NYC stylish Ace hotel where the entire downstairs bar and seating area where filled with people having meeting and working on their computers.  As I took the elevator upstairs in  industrial style hotel towards my hotel room.  I knocked on the door and when the door opened there were cameras and people standing around a room fill of windows.  This room had a sitting room, a bed, a desk/table for us to create different backgrounds for the interview. The crew was warm and friendly and set me at ease. I had a great make up artist help me become beautiful and ready for the shoot.









The interview lasted only 20 minutes but it felt like a flash!  As you can see during the video out takes I was laughing with the crew. Why did I decide to share this experience in my blog?  Because health is having your dreams come true!  It is important to have energy and physical strength but it is also important to have great emotional triumphs and stretch outside of your box.  This was a goal to have a great professional interview where I can talk about health challenges that I overcame and helped to make me a better doctor.  This was the experience.  Thank you for sharing my experience.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Dae

Dr. Daemon Jones

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