Could Your Laundry Detergent be the Cause of Vaginal Itching?

One of the most embarrassing discomforts for women is vaginal itching. This can be felt inside the vagina or outside near the lips of the vagina. Vaginal itching can be caused by chemical exposure to irritating substances in contact with the vaginal area or bacterial infections.

Have you ever considered your laundry detergent could be causing your vaginal itching?

If you suddenly develop itching it might be due to one of these products. There are several chemical reasons that can cause the irritation including strong washing detergents or fabric softeners used to wash clothing.

Soaps or bubble baths, feminine sprays, ointments, creams or douches used to freshen up your vaginal area can be harsh and irritate the skin. Contraceptive foams or jellies, or specific types of condoms used during sexual foreplay or intercourse can cause irritation too.

Vaginal infections are another common reason for vaginal itching. Vaginal infections can include candida or yeast infections, viral vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis (BV). Trichomoniasis vaginitis, chlamydia vaginitis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, or genital warts are considered sexually transmitted diseases that cause itching.

There are many things that can bring on an infection including birth control pills, menstruation, or pregnancy because of their impact on women’s hormones.

Stress -- yes, you read it correctly -- stress causes a weakening of the immune system which makes the body more susceptible to infections including vaginal infections. Any sickness or illness that weakens the entire immune system, including diseases like diabetes, can cause infections too.

The challenge with vaginal infections is that they can be difficult to identity. Many women only know about candida so they reach for a cream that just treats yeast. However, the infection could be caused by something else.

Most often it is best to go to your doctor and have a test run to see which organism is causing the problems. This way you can use the correct treatment and get rid of the problem.

If you are suffering from vaginal itching, I recommend that you see your health care professional because you might be misdiagnosing or mistreating the true cause of the itching by using an over-the-counter option.

The sexually transmitted diseases need to be treated with prescription medications.

It is also important to include a dietary and stress management plan to prevent relapse. If you are interested in these options visit my website to learn more, www.

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