Do You Know How to Detox Safely? Dr. Dae's Detox Plan

Detoxifying Your Life with Dr Dae

Detoxifying Your Life with Dr Dae

Have you ever thought about doing a detoxification or “detox” plan to jump start your health goals?  I often hear patients or people wanting to clean out their bodies by doing a detox.  A detox plan can mean different things to different people.  It can be accomplished in many different ways.  The common denominator of a detox plan should be to get rid of toxins in the body.  This can be done by enhancing our normal detoxification processes, by supporting our organs of eliminations. Our bodies handle detoxification processes every single day. Our organs of eliminations: liver, kidney skin and lungs that support detoxification by getting rid of waste products in our body.  Our organs of elimination have specific responsibilities to help get rid of these toxins.  Our lungs help us to breathe out gases like CO2 which if found in to high a percentage in the body could cause harm and shut down our body.  Our skin releases toxins through our pores to keep us healthy and vital.  Our skin also protects us from the pollutants from getting into our body easily.  Our digestive system including the liver, and the kidneys process our toxins and render them harmless and excrete them from our bodies.  So if we are not peeing every couple of hours and having bowel movements every day we are creating a back up from our normal processing.  I also include our mind as an organ of elimination because it has to get rid of the negative thoughts that we have about ourselves and our world.  If we do not get rid of negative thoughts we can’t create optimal health or possibilities.

Each day our bodies handle toxins or pollutants that enter our body through our mouths, noses, or skin.  It is a normal part of living.  Some toxins we don’t have control over air pollution, chemical pollution, etc…  they are found in our environment and our bodies have to process them.  Some toxins we do have control over like foods additives, preservatives, alcohol and nicotine and we have to process those too.

If we have these organs and they are doing all this work why do we need extra detoxification plans or treatments?

In this fast-paced society where we are eating junk-food and fast-foods, we don’t get enough sleep we experience stress financially, emotionally, mentally and physically, we don’t get enough fresh air or exercise our bodies get overburdened with toxins.  This is why a detoxification plan can help you get rid of toxins and feel more balanced, energetic and healthy.

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Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Daemon Jones