Eating Seasonally for Autumn: Great for All Health Conditions

Eating Seasonally means eating whole foods. 

In the heat of the summer have you ever had a craving for a nice ripe slice of watermelon or a fresh juicy peach?  When there is snow on the ground have you yearned for a hearty bowl of chili or a stew filled with chunks of vegetables and meat? 

These craving indicate our bodies' longing for seasonal foods.  When we listen to our bodies we are listening to nature’s way of bringing us into greater harmony through healing foods. 

Eating seasonally can be an important part of your health plan.  When you are eating seasonally you are eating a whole foods diet.  You are always eating nutrient dense foods. 

When you are eating seasonally you can also eat foods that are locally grown because they will be the freshest options from farm to table.  When you eat seasonally you will be eating food that will have your taste buds jumping for joy.

So now that you are sold on eating seasonally, what types of foods are right for fall?

Autumn is harvest time so there is a bounty of choices.  When we think of fall we think of going back to school or back to our fall routines.

The days begin to shorten and the temperature begins to drop in the evenings.  Autumn is the time for building and preparing for winter.  We are building up our system with more hearty foods than we did in the summer --  grains, vegetables, and proteins including nuts and seeds. 

Fall fruits like pears, apples, quinces, persimmons and grapes are plentiful and ready to be used to make sweet and savory treats. 

Root vegetables like beets, carrots, potatoes and yams are good too. Squashes come in so many different types -- acorn, butternut, spaghetti, pumpkin, chayote, delicata and zucchini, just to name a few.

Grains are great to add to your meals.  Proteins especially beans, nuts, seeds and fish make a meal hearty and filling.

If you're planning to eat seasonally you'll be eating a whole food plan.  Now is a great time to look at all the choices you have to increase the nutrient dense food that heal your body of some many chronic diseases, like diabetes, obesity, heart health, hypertension, high cholesterol and cancer prevention.

Consider seasonal eating to change your life and your health.

Live Vibrantly,
Dr. Dae
Dr. Daemon Jones


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